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Ssangyong actyon trunk tuning and repair

Why would the car need tuning

Due to the high cost of repair of the bodywork of a modern crossover or SUV, the owners are seriously considering to improve the protection of your car.

Therefore, drivers are forced to deal with the protection of the body, so you don't have to repair as a result of damage. In this article, we will talk about how to properly tuningware ssangyong actyon trunk, so that the machine fully met all of your requirements.

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Tuning, as well as all the accessories for ssangyong actyon trunk, created in recent years, able to fully meet all the basic requirements - protect the body and the trunk from bumps and other troubles that can happen on the road.

For setup details you do not need to have a lot of experience or to seek additional equipment, as for mounting, there are special holes in the back of the car. All mounting hardware provided in the package.

Thus, you can always set the tuning in to the mechanic or do it yourself using the appropriate size wrench.

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The trunk on the car roof

 Roof rack

Roof rack - a great opportunity to increase the functionality of your car for transportation of various cargoes.

In the online shops offered a universal model of the trunk on the action from companies that are leaders in the world market.

Each model passes the required tests and testing for aerodynamics. The importance given to drag reduction, vibration and noise. You can purchase expedition roof rack for skis or snowboard.

Many people mistakenly believe that tuning significantly increases fuel consumption. This is possible only with the wrong pad, so improving the car's worth only if you have enough quality parts.

In any case, to decide to do the tuning or not, there is only you. If you are interested in information about the trunk on the roof of your "Aktion", to watch the video!