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SUVs 2012

Going to buy off-road vehicles in 2012, we should determine the purpose for which it is used. There are basically two goals for buying a car of this class: the desire to own a car that has larger dimensions and which can be distinguished in General the automobile traffic. The second goal is much more serious – this off-road driving in extreme conditions.

 SUVs 2012 - Jeep Wrangler

If you just want to stand out from the General flow of vehicles, the main criterion in purchasing the car will suit your taste, and it is enough to choose the car that you like best. If you are interested in practical goal, then choose the car you need more seriously, as you choose there will be a lot of things depend.

Main criteria

If you decided you need SUV   buy it can be in the cabin or with your hands, it will not matter, the main thing to remember:

 of Course, the criteria is just the surface, but it is the thing that you need to pay attention, buying off - road vehicles-rates that suit you.  Choose inexpensive SUV.

We have already discussed the basic criteria, but in most cases buying serious SUV is not afford the Russian buyer, as for all-wheel drive, powerful engine and complex transmission and have to pay a lot.

What do those who just want to maintain their image, get the coveted four-wheel and gear. If you don't need engines with high power, which are disadvantageous in material terms, and advanced equipment on the Russian market can ask models, and many of them are SUVs 2012. However, not many of them released the Russian automotive industry and have a European Assembly, but the price is not big. Yes and your money they will pay back. Let's look at a few new options at a low price.

Chevrolet Niva

This model has five doors and a serious potential. Volume of the engine on her 1700 as the "classical" Fields. However, in the domestic model is also a big plus – strong superior comfort than ideological  the predecessor». In addition to the spacious interior, this vehicle has options that haven't been in domestic cars such as frontal bags, ABS and air conditioning.  However, there are disadvantages: drive it better outside the asphalt, than on it.  The cost of the new "Chevy" from 444 thousand.

 SUVs 2012 - Chevrolet Niva

Hyundai Santa Fe Classic

If you want to buy a new SUV this model, find it in the salons of Hyundai will not work, because after he got a second chance on a conveyor Taganrog, he retained the original logo and produced by TagAZ.  This model is more true of the large crossovers, has full constant drive and clearance in the 21 cm, which allows it without any problems leave the track. And because of the independent suspension management Santa Fe Classic does not differ from the control of a passenger car. Pleases that in this model there is a powerful V6, as slow-running diesel on 2000 sq. cm. Decided to give their preference to this Hyundai, will have to pay from $ 796 thousand.

 buy a new внедороник - Hyundai Santa Fe Classic 2012

The newest model

If you are thinking to buy a SUV and plan to do this at the end of the year, then maybe, you will off-road vehicles by 2013.  The most anticipated model of this year is the BMW X1. This car is without a doubt one of the best updates in the class of compact crossovers, which will please his master agility and speed. These indicators will not be redundant on city streets and on the roads.

The main difference X1 – this innovative engine of great power, dynamism and excellent quality.  This model will be exclusively 6 - speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. In addition to this model, in 2013 it is planned to issue Buick Encore with quiet interior and 10 safety pillows; Nissan Pathfinder, with the stepless variable speed drive and a new system of transformation of the salon; Ford Kuga that will please all power and efficiency.

Of course, how to choose SUV to you, however if you have finances, we advise you to look at Infiniti JX, Chevrolet Trailblazer, Chevrolet Tracker (Trax), Ram 1500, Luxgen 7 SUV, the Audi A4 Allroad, Volvo V40 Cross Country. By the way, the Volvo took place in October of the last year.

The perfect complement the weaker sex will become a MINI Paceman, which has lowered suspension, and a separate seat for every passenger. In addition, it raised front seats, which opens up additional review. This model will undoubtedly be ideal, but for a basic version will have to pay from 32 thousand dollars, but the price tag on the all-wheel drive will start with 43 000.

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