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SUVs of all makes

Gradually the class itself "SUVs" are divided into two subclasses: large-sized cars with powerful engines, all-wheel drive and optional accessories and has kept the name "Ranger". But there are also mid-size and compact SUVs, designed primarily for the movement in the city, but with the possibility of overcoming the small off-road. These cars were called "crossovers" or people "SUV".

Consider SUVs of all makes, which are in maximum demand. To make it easier to navigate the huge number of cars sold today these classes will podrazdelom them by price category.

The premium class

First consider the best SUVs in the world, related to the premium segment. Cars of this segment are very expensive, the initial cost of them starts with a mark of 3 million rubles. But for the money the buyer receives prestigious car with high-tech equipment and a very comfortable interior with various options.

 Mercedes-Benz G klass

If we consider the most luxury SUVs, so too are the European and Japanese car production. There are in the list of premium SUVs and American cars. The price of some cars and not exceed $ 5 million, but still demand they have.

One of the most recognizable and in-demand is a full-fledged SUV Mercedes-Benz G-klasse. Moreover, this SUV is sold in several versions. Demand as five-and three-door auto and auto 6x6 and SUV convertible.

 Mercedes-Benz G-class 6h6

Mercedes-Benz G-klasse is a large luxury SUV class with a spacious and comfortable cabin, which needs no introduction.

 Mercedes-Benz G class cabriolet

Technical characteristics of the car are the envy of any of its competitor:

The price of this premium SUV starts from 5 100 000. The amount of satisfied impressive, but believe me, the money is really worth.

 Mercedes-Benz G

In the list of most sought-after and expensive SUVs includes two models of British production. For lovers of premium cars, which are not intimidated by the high prices of SUVs British offer Land Rover Range Rover Land Rover Range Rover Sport.

The Range Rover is a full-size SUV, the production of which began in 1970 With every generation of the car was improved by acquiring more and more new opportunities for off-road, as well as increasing the level of comfort and security.

 Range Rover

The new generation Range Rover has a unique design, confusing it with some other representative of a class is simply impossible. The interior design of the salon is also only pleases a lot of additional options for comfortable movement and management, quality system noise isolation.

 Range Rover Sport

The Japanese in the list of premium cars is represented by two brands Infiniti and Nissan, the two companies in this segment were only SUVs.

The Infiniti has been rated with two of his models - QX56 and QX80, but Nissan in the premium segment is presented in only one model - Patrol.

 Infiniti QX56

Key features Infiniti QX56:

The Infiniti QX80 is characterized by the presence of the third row of seats that can be folded electrically. Thus trunk capacity can be increased from 546 to 3171 liters.

 Infiniti QX80

Nissan Patrol SUV with a rich history, worthy of the trust and popularity among fans of off-road vehicles. Nissan Patrol new generation is significantly different from the first representatives of the brand - it is a higher level of comfort and safety, at the expense of the many modern developments, and the use of more expensive materials in interior decoration.

 Nissan Patrol

From American models, the prices of SUVs which belong to the premium class, there is only one is Cadillak Escalade. This luxury SUV with a unique appearance.

 Cadillac Escalade

Moreover, the new generation Escalade has been a radical change in the external design, while maintaining the usual brutal and aggressive nature of the body. The most outstanding features of the external appearance are vertical led headlamps, well, of course, grille.

As for vnutrennego the design of the interior, Cadillac Escalade striking luxury. The decoration used quality materials such as natural wood, leather and suede. Functional equipment cabin is also not far behind:

 The Cadillac Escalade SUV

The SUV is equipped with a V-shaped engine with eight cylinders and a capacity of 409 horsepower.

Average price category

These are the most expensive brand of SUVs. But enough and models related to the average price range. Included in this cost range of all brands of SUVs rates are 1-3 million.

British automakers in the face of the Land Rover trying to meet the needs and medium-cost SUVs. Models of this company, having an average value, referred to as the Defender and Discovery.

Land Rover Discovery - SUV produced more than a dozen years. Today it is a car made in a restrained style.

 Land Rover Discovery

Note the salient features of the car:

The cost of this SUV from 2 400 000.

 Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Defender is a true SUV for connoisseurs of driving on real roads. Its off-road performance is easy to prove by looking at the impressive size of the body, as well as outstanding technical characteristics:

 Land Rover Defender

Looking at these characteristics of an SUV, you'd think the service here is not included. However, it is not, the comfort level is also at altitude. Its price starts from 1 700 000.

Turn to the Japanese SUVs. Models Japanese firms have many, the most common ones are listed in the list:

 Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Americans are also trying to win back some market cars in this category, though their patterns are not so much. Ford offers three models: Edge, Explorer and Kuga.

 Ford Edge

Chevrolet offers two models in this category: Tahoe and TrailBlazer. Two models are available and for your Jeep Cherokee and Compass.

 Chevrolet Tahoe

Turn to the Korean manufacturers. These manufacturers among middle-road vehicles represented by the two companies. The first is Kia with its model of Mohave. The second company from Korea is SangYong. This company produces the Rexton SUV model.

 SsangYong Rexton

The budget segment

There are off-road vehicles and in the budget segment. In most production cars of this segment are a Chinese company and a Russian company. The cost of cars of this segment does not exceed 1 million.

 Great Wall Hover H5

From Chinese companies is the most famous company Great Wall models which have an index N3, N5, N6.

This category also includes models of domestic automakers, such as UAZ hunter, UAZ Patriot, Lada Niva.

 UAZ Patriot

So, if you look, best SUVs, best crossovers of the world are present in all price categories, otherwise the company would have already turned their production due to weak demand.