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SUVs with manual transmission

Many motorists prefer to have full control over the behavior of his car. And self-management undercarriage is very necessary for driving off-road. In fact, for this reason, many choose SUVs on the mechanics.

Advantages of off-road vehicles with manual transmission

When the SUV purchase specifically for off-road, then the manual gearbox is really effective assistant. It has many major advantages over any automatic gearbox:

 Mechanical gearbox

With such advantages MCP may indeed be the best powertrain for an SUV.

Best SUVs with manual gearbox

Among all models of Land Rover Discovery SUV is the most versatile vehicle that is perfectly suited for off-road.

 Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Discovery-equipped all-wheel drive 5 modal mechanical transmission, Terrain Response, which raises the possibility of an SUV when driving in any difficult road conditions. It is equipped with a gasoline engine 4 liters and power of 218 HP Auto possesses outstanding speed, maneuverability, and comfort.

 Transmission, Terrain Response

One of the best representatives of SUVs, which quickly established itself as a versatile and reliable car.

On the Prado comes with 4 liter gasoline engine with 286 HP, 5 speed manual gearbox with all-wheel drive, wide wheelbase in 2790 mm, and full power accessories with all the options of comfort.

 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Mitsubishi Pajero long been considered the benchmark for comfortable and reliable SUV, and the new augmented version of the Sport, he has become much better, both externally and on the part of management.

 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

The five-door model Pajero Sport – it is quite roomy SUV, which has an improved 5-speed manual gearbox and a 3 litre petrol engine that outputs power at 178 HP

 The cabin of the SUV Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Budget SUV models on the mechanics

On the market today the car presents a fairly extensive selection of SUVs on the mechanics, but among them there are several more affordable for most motorists models.

One of the best local representatives of the SUV needs no further introduction. Chevrolet Niva has become very popular among car enthusiasts, thanks to its low price (580000 rubles) for the full set of required options comfort: air bags, heated glass and seats, ABS, air conditioning.

 Chevrolet NIVA salon

This car is a gasoline engine of 80 HP and a manual 5-speed transmission and all-wheel drive.

 Chevrolet NIVA

Great Wall Haval H3 – this is a worthy representative of the Chinese automotive industry with good performance and relatively low price (about 900000 rubles). He conquered the Russians largely due to its design of parts and components from top manufacturers: Bosch, Mitsubishi, Toyota.

SUV with petrol 2 litre engine Mitsubishi 4G63 power 128 HP and 5-speed mechanics with four-wheel drive.

 Great Wall Haval H3

In addition, even in the basic configuration, you can get a set of the following options:

The next level through difficult trails in this car too at a decent level, so it has a good market competitiveness SUVs with manual gearbox.

Among all the SUVs on the market auto high permeability, it is cars with manual gearbox often win the sympathy of motorists, since they have many advantages over other representatives from the ACP. And among them you can actually choose as the most advanced model, and the budget brand of reliable and trustworthy auto.