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Suzuki Grand Vitara - owner reviews of operating experience compact SUV

Suzuki Grand Vitara reviews receives truthful, surprising even experienced drivers. After all, they certainly didn't expect from a heavy crossover of such great indicators. 

 The appearance of Suzuki Grand Vitara

Suzuki Grand Vitara reviews receives no coincidence. Today, this beautiful Japanese crossover appears frequently on the roads of major cities, engaging other car owners. The drivers are delighted with the many features, and it is time to form your own opinion about this car. The demand for it is growing quickly, so you should find the main reasons for this.

 Exterior Suzuki Grand Vitara

The driver

Get behind the wheel of such a large crossover is nice. Now owner reviews about Suzuki Grand Vitara appear often, they describe an ergonomic dashboard, but to large cars usually treated differently. This time can greatly surprised at what has been achieved designers. They optimized the controls, making them as accessible as possible.

In practice, can quickly become accustomed to the location, even so the start is fun. Fully loaded you can also get heated seats for the driver, who turns out to be a necessity in the winter. While long time behind the wheel, people begin to suffer from the cold. Because of this, it is best to spend money at purchase, and not to suffer then  from discomfort.

The passengers in the cabin comfortable

Assessing the salon, we have again to recall the owner reviews on Suzuki Grand Vitara. They claim that on the back seat rather, than not at all mistaken. Three adult men does not constrain each other, so the trip is enjoyable for them. Because of this, family drivers will certainly make the right choice, realizing how important it is to provide comfort for all passengers.

 Suzuki Grand Vitara Salon

Fully loaded "Japanese" gets a huge selection of different equipment. Even it does not prevent the passengers. Similar difficulties at the time, had to face even in crossovers, but now the problem is resolved. Therefore, no longer have to think, how not to sit near the subwoofer or conditioner.

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We start the engine

Turning the ignition key failed to hear anything. Only it's not a crash, but only excellent noise insulation of the cabin. About it tell the reviews about the car Suzuki Grand Vitara, fully coinciding with reality. Gradual acceleration, of course, will lead to buzz, but it does not irritate anybody from passengers.

 SUV Grand Vitara

However, up to 100 km/h is reached in only 12 seconds, but it did not spoil the overall experience. Huge crossover is a sweet ride and acceleration is not felt. No particular load on the engine is not, so on the track you can even slightly compete. Although to get more than 175 km/h will not work. This balance of characteristics guarantees a pleasant trip without too much difficulty, regardless of the dimensions of the machine.

Fuel consumption is striking

Another interesting parameter is the fuel consumption, at which point the comments about Suzuki Grand Vitara 3. First, the crackdown began on the highway, and did not create any problems because of the usual five-speed mechanics. The consumption gradually fell and stopped when he reached the mark of 7 liters. Let such indicators are imperfect, but they delight drivers.

Nearing the city, constantly had to shift gears and slow down in front of other cars. However, the consumption did not exceed 9 litres, so already managed to pay tribute to the model. On congested city streets "Japanese" feels great, and the fuel consumption is 11 liters. Because of this, this indicator can put a solid 5.

Handling crossover

Some buyers worried about the high price of Suzuki Grand Vitara and reviews. They are not sure that the steering is heavy car will suit them. Such a machine first sight scares, but after the first 10-15 minutes quickly get used to calm traffic. No irritation or bumps it creates, so you can freely travel tens of kilometers.

Cornering machine tightly pressed to the road surface, therefore there is no risk while driving. Such indicators seemed a bit surprising, but they also have to mention, if we consider the operational features. Usually it is the controllability of the crossovers scares shoppers because they are not confident in their stability due to the large mass. In the Japanese model, this problem is solved, which makes for a pleasant drive on any road and in any place.

 Stylish and compact family SUV

Experience suggests that a test drive will surely make you fall in love with an amazing car. He all indicators coincides with the wishes of the drivers, that attracts everyone's attention. Although it remains a serious unresolved issue, which is high cost. Nevertheless, it remains in the background through a good lending conditions.