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TagAZ Tager: reviews and specifications

TagAZ tiger at first glance – real SUV: in form, in content and in spirit. But under the hood lies a lot of problems inherent in the domestic auto industry. You should start with the fact that the TagAZ Tager assembled on the basis of SsangYong Korando 1996. Since 1984, the company was engaged in the production of cars (SUV's) for the us soldiers.

The year 2007 started with the fact that the Taganrog automobile plant has acquired all the necessary equipment, as well as the entire documentation package, which is necessary to carry out the manufacture of this model. Thus, the company Ssang Yong was renamed popular now TagAZ Tager.

 Car TagAZ Tiger

The performance of the car

The tiger design is distinguished by brevity and practicality of the design. One glance at the TagAZ Tager give you the confidence that even the most insurmountable obstacles will be for you to change. The lounge is spacious and comfortable, which pleases many of the drivers of this vehicle. Basic TagAZTager includes electric Windows, air conditioning system, audio system, Central lock.

The characteristics of the TagAZ Tager possible to understand comparing them with the characteristics of SsangYong Korando:

The customer can choose between automatic (4-speed) and automatic (5-speed) transmission, i.e. in this case the driver doesn't restrict, which is a plus. You can switch the mode of your car with all-wheel drive at speeds up to 70 km/h. Also some features of the transmission will help to overcome the difficult terrain with ease.

 The performance of the car

About good and bad

Reviews about TagAZ Tadag quite varied. Also all agree that we need to clearly understand what to purchase cars TagAZ Tager: for fans of fast driving is not the best option, but for lovers of hunting and fishing, or just travel over rough terrain and off-road, it is quite a good choice.

The main advantages, as evidenced by the feedback of the owners of the TagAZ Tager is simplicity, ease of design, power, high throughput, simple and comfortable lounge, endless scope for tuning, system Windows and mirrors, through which offers a great view of the road, vehicle weight and torsion bars that don't allow the car to jump sideways; this model is an excellent alternative to the Car, but with the engine from Mercedes.

Negative reviews about TagazTager more concise, but no less important: the gas consumption is too big, the noise level in the cabin, manual transmission jammed (it is better to take automatic), the gear lever is loose, front heavy and degrades throughput at the soft ground. Because there are spare parts from Mercedes, the maintenance is more expensive, it is worth noting a small trunk.

Specific Tager looks more or less designed for unusual and non-standard drivers. The cabin is quite comfortable and pleasant to operate. The best feature of the car – that his power and strength, which is clearly noticed and remains in first place.

The trunk can be installed on tiger TagAZ? See here. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the model number other crosswires from TagAZ in this article.

 Good and bad reviews

On the cost

Reviews about cars TagAZ Tager state that the car was removed from production and to buy new is almost impossible, but still good looking, it can be found on the Internet. The prices are dependent on the engine power and mileage and range from 519000 to 675000 rubles.

So how to buy a new tiger is quite difficult, you have to choose among cars with mileage. The price of cars TagAZ Tager with mileage ranges 320000-425000 rubles, depending on specification, mileage, number replaced with family details and so on.

 The Cost TagAZ Tiger

The overall impression of the owners of TagAZ Tager we can conclude that the ratio price-quality is still perfect. Many believe that for the price this car is quite good quality.

Official dealer TagAZ Tager in Russia – REDEY automotive company (Moscow). Harder to find more dealers: as already noted above, the issue of Tahera stopped in 2014 year.