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Technical characteristics of Nissan X trail

New Nissan X-trail has undergone over the previous generation of major changes. It has a modern, stylish appearance (much like model Qashqai), improved facilities and technical characteristics of the car, in particular, can be purchased now with a diesel engine. we Offer you a review of the updated model, paying particular attention to the technical characteristics of Nissan X trail.


On many automotive forums erupted virtual battles on the subject of updated design Nissan – the appearance of the crossover appeared as proponents, and opponents, who believe that the company has simply copied the look of the Nissan Qashqai. The reason for these changes lies in a large time gap between the release of the third generation model and its predecessor, actively operated since 2007. The car was already obsolete in this period, and the Japanese have developed a distinctive corporate style, which are obliged to adhere to the new model of Nissan.

 Exterior Nissan X trail

The car's appearance, when compared with the previous generation, is really quite unusual: the front part of the X-Trail 2015-2016 equipped with stylish led head lamps, which are located under the ribbed hood; radiator grille decorated with a chrome insert with a stylized letter "V"; on the sides of the front bumper located harmoniously fog lights. The automobile has become, compared with the previous generation, more streamlined.

 Off-road appearance crossover X trail attracts attention on the road

Looks interesting new "Japanese" in profile: traits given his clear aerodynamic shape; wheels received an updated design of drives that are installed on the tires in several different sizes; compact door comfortable enough for planting.

 Cars Nissan X trail: side view

Nissan X-Trail third generation became a pioneer among fellow crossovers family Nissan built on promising and brand new modular platform CFM (Common Module Family). Change platforms later increased the size of the car:

The exact mass of the car is still unknown, but the company's engineers are trying to reduce it. For example, due to the replacement design of the rear door and use it plastic the vehicle's weight was reduced by 7 kg. will Help in this and new suspension elements, which, according to experts, are made of aluminum. The ground clearance of the model is equal to 21 cm is a good indicator even for Russian roads.

 X trail on the road

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The interior design of the updated X-trail was also revised by the designers. He has almost nothing in common with the interior of the previous generation as the quality of materials and in its design. It should be noted that it is virtually a copy Qashqai interior: ergonomic, comfortable, stylish and very high quality.

 Interior view Nissan X trail

Especially noteworthy is the level of equipment of the vehicle. Already in the basic version it has half a dozen airbags, heated windscreen and front seats and climate control. Available consumers also multimedia system Nissan Connect 2.0. The buyer may obtain, depending on the execution, which he will choose, a wide range of active safety systems (system of control over the degree of fatigue of the driver, the circular review, etc.) and power tailgate.

 Dashboard Nissan X trail

The car is equipped with new, but in no way inferior to the former, the seats with excellent planting geometry and distinct profile. If, again, we recall the model Qashqai, it should be noted that the seat in the X-Trail is set slightly higher to emphasize the distinct off-road image of the crossover.

 Passengers in the back very comfortable

The back seat is even higher to ensure the so-called landing "amphitheater" passengers. This makes the drive more comfortable and also gives certain advantages in the layout. Space for rear passengers in the X-Trail, so it's really enough. The seats themselves are , in addition, can be moved by as much as 14 cm in the longitudinal direction, thereby either increasing the amount of Luggage, or providing reserve space for passengers.

 In the trunk X-Trail is quite a lot of space

Trunk X-Trail has slightly fallen. But now there is a very convenient system of transformation that allows you to place Luggage on several levels. This is possible thanks to the shelf, which is a part of the floor panel, and which can be moved. Pleasant is also new the increases of the angle of opening of the rear doors. He now reaches 85 degrees, which provides a comfortable fit in the cabin.


First, it should be noted that the restyled model Nissan X-Trail will be available in front-wheel and four-wheel drive variants. Modification with all-wheel drive is based on a new system called ALL MODE 4*4i.It can be turned on or off depending on the situation on the highway. The machine is also equipped with independent suspension and disc brakes with auxiliary electronic devices. A pleasant surprise has been the emergence of a new diesel engine, which is now available along with two different petrol engines - significantly redesigned. It should be mentioned that the test drives have shown a marked improvement in efficiency and capacity of power units.

Manage Nissan X-Trail has become much easier and more enjoyable. Put together and became stiffer suspension, virtually disappeared rolls, very happy steering.

Surprisingly, in all modes of driving just a basic engine. In the city it's easy to stay in first when starting from a traffic light, on the highway - easily overtaking the trailing wagon. There is not even much sense in buying an X-Trail with a large volume of the motor, as between them the minimum difference.

In many respects there is merit continuously variable transmission, reminiscent of his more classic “automatic” with the torque Converter. This is perhaps one of the best versions with the CVT.

But off-road capability of the model is not impressive. And front and rear overhangs of the car is too big, no downshift (but not before), the bottom has little protection, and the bumpers too beautiful for testing in the mud.

 Nissan X-Trail: front view


The Japanese was able to hold the price tag on the updated crossover reasonable compared to other competitors.

 Nissan X-Trail in white

The base Nissan with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine, front-wheel drive and manual transmission will cost at 1 199 000. The cheapest four-wheel drive version with the CVT it will be possible to purchase 1 369 000, while the diesel version will not be able to buy cheaper than 1 531 000. I must say that the configuration with the "automatic" and the engine on heavy fuel not yet in sight, so fans of diesels have to settle for the 6-speed manual transmission.