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Technical characteristics of the car Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

SUV Mitsubishi Pajero Sport – development of a famous Japanese automaker. This car is a good solution for lovers of comfort in all road conditions. We invite you on a brief tour of the machine and let us consider for Mitsubishi Pajero Sport specifications.

 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

External parameters

Overall dimensions of the car – 4695 mm in length, 1815 mm wide and 1800 mm in height with roof – 1840 mm). Yes, the machine need enough space to Park or garage, but this is more than compensated spacious and comfortable lounge. The body ’ s five-door, you can say, classic cars. Auto equipped with tires 265/70 disks R16 or 265/65 on R17 with full-size spare wheel.

Excellent off-road capability is ensured by the high ground clearance (215 mm), angles and fascias 36° and 24°, respectively. To turn the car needs a circle of radius 5.6 metres minimum – the parameter is not too big for her size.

Curb weight of the car with a gasoline engine is 1950 kg, diesel ’ s 2040 kg the Full weight of – similar to 2600 kg and 2710 kg Machine can pull a trailer weighing up to two and a half tons, equipped with brakes.

Trunk volume Mitsubishi Pajero Sport – an object of pride. Its roomy Luggage compartment can take a lot of additional cargo: in normal condition, this volume entire 714 liters, easy prolonged until 1814 liters with folding rear seats. It is worth noting that very few machines, even such a class, can boast a similar capacity.

 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport baggage compartment

Under the hood

The car can be equipped with:

Transmission of all modifications – 5-speed automatic. However, there is the opportunity to take "gasoline" with the mechanics of the 5-speed – this is the most inexpensive equipment, for 1299 thousand rubles.

The drive – full, on all 4 wheels (system Super Select 4WD), with the possibility of connecting gear and forced mechanical locking rear differential, which undoubtedly is the key to overcoming the most difficult areas.

 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport engine


In Russia the machine is sold in 4 sets with diesel engine and 3 – with petrol. By and large, there are only 3 types of fillings for auto with each of the engines, plus a diesel option of economy with "mechanics” and instead of air conditioning the climate control in all other modifications.

It is worth noting some of the features included in all versions:

Intense will manage to the buyer in 1370000 rubles with a diesel engine and for 10000 rubles more – with petrol. Here goes:

 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport options

Option Instyle will cost 1490 thousand rubles for a diesel with a rise in price for 10 thousand at the petrol unit. This improved Assembly adds the following options:

And finally, the rich equipment, Ultimate, sold in showrooms for 1560 thousand rubles with a diesel engine and 1580 thousand gasoline. In this case, there are additional options such as: