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Technical characteristics of the Nissan Juke

After the segment of mid-size and compact crossovers was filled with a variety of models from different manufacturers, they turned their attention to the sub-compact segment SUVs, which are intended exclusively for urban residents.

The company Nissan has vast experience in production, as SUVs, and SUVs. Exactly Nissan released on our market bestseller compact Qashqai, but the model was ambiguous because of the appearance, which is still unfolding debate.

World premiere of  the beetle" was held in 2010, a year before, in 2009 was shown his concept under the name Qazana.  This model buy "eyes", but also with the technical side of it all was right in front of us though very small, but all the same crossover.

 Nissan Juke front view

Geometric indicators of the car

Dimensions "beetle" is strongly reminiscent of the hatchback With the class, except for ground clearance:

For the convenience of transportation of large cargoes the rear seat's backrest can be folded in proportion 60 : 40. Underneath the trunk is малоразмерное spare wheel and a small compartment for small items, whose capacity is 44 liters.

As we can see at Nissan Juke characteristics show that this is quite a compact car, with conditional Luggage compartment, which is enough only for one trip to the grocery store. And the volume of the tank suggests that before us the absolute citizen. But the figures cannot Express what you can see with my eyes. The lower part of  the Beetle" with a large black plastic overlay reminds внеродожник, while the upper part is reminiscent of a coupe, and down the back part of the original lanterns more like a sportscar.

 Nissan Juke rear view

This extraordinary car outside can not be boring inside, where designers have implemented the front seats and the center panel in the form of a fuel tank of the motorcycle. Besides "Zhuk» surprisingly pleasant to handle the car, if you want you can change the behavior of a continuously variable transmission with economical to sport mode (and back) to change the speed of response by pressing accelerator pedal, and change the informative feedback steering wheel. All these changes can be made due to the proprietary system of the NDCS.

Engines and transmission

This futuristic car is completed with a set of non-standard power units, there are three of them, but they have the same volume:

 Nissan Juke engine

Say that 190 PS is the limit for beetle not already have over-charged version called NISMO, with 200 horsepower, but with the same torque of 240 Nm. In addition to the amount of 10 PS spec version has many stylistic differences, including any other color gamut, the abundance of carbon and other 18 wheels diameter.

A system of full drive

Despite its small size "Zhuk" has four-wheel drive version, only in tandem with 190-horsepower engine and CVT. Full drive u "baby" absolutely not for children: on it there is advanced system ALL MОDE 4X4-i with the possibility to address the torque transmission TОRQUE VECTОR. Due to such system of a full drive is significantly increased manageability and reduced understeer at steep turns. Torque can not only be shared between the axles in the ratio 50 on 50, but split between the wheels, depending on the situation.

Four-wheel drive version also features multi-link rear suspension (from Qashqai), while моноприводной modification installed torsion beam and guides levers. Seeing all the systems of the conquest of “off-road" in the coupe with a large clearance is hardly possible to doubt that the Nissan Juke specifications simply excellent.

 Nissan Juke Luggage compartment

Picking NissanJuke

Of  the beetle" just a huge difference in price (from 649 000 to 1 094 000) and a huge number of kits – 10, here are the main of them:

 Nissan Juke beauty

Few people know, but I "beetle" there is another, the hot version of – Juke-R. Filling of a sports car NissanGT-R, and fine-tuning of the chassis, experts engaged in on the legendary track in Nurburgring. Specifications Juke-R:

Outwardly R-version differs completely different aerodynamic body kit, and the wheel arches have grown under the 20-inch колеса.В salon appeared safety cage and entertainment system from GT-R. This version was based on the pure enthusiasm of creators and was originally built only 2 machines – left-hand and right-hand drive. But demand for the car was so that manual Nissan start small-scale manufacture of charged beetles with prices from 450 up to 590 thousand dollars.


For those who want a very compact car with the rich, who liked my appearance "beetle» - will not be disappointed with your choice. In its kind is he one of the major competitors can be distinguished Skoda Yeti and Opel Mocha, and to a real competitor applies only Yeti.

It should also be noted that the commercial success of Juke is not accidental, over his creation worked 1000 people, and was worth all of this enterprise 60 million dollars. And I must say they worked on glory, European consumers simply in awe of this model.

We can not say about the security of  the beetle»: he got all 5 stars on safety tests on the system EuroNCAP, adult passengers are protected by 87%, children sitting with special armchairs 81%, pedestrians will suffer more – their protection 41%. The General state of security systems is estimated at 71%.