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Technical characteristics of the Nissan Qashqai

The Japanese brand Nissan always had a lot of fans, but the conservative European market models of brand fought hard. Seeing the success of the Toyota RAV4, Nissan going to make a model of not less than successful. And they succeeded, at least on the Russian market.

Nissan Qashqai is a bestseller of the domestic market. He went on sale in 2006, and adopted at the "cheers". The Japanese could do a typically European car, by the way, developed in Europe (in England). When creating a model similar technology was used to develop Ford – computer design, allowing you to spend less real tests of those or other elements. The name of the car got to the track for the Туарегом, in honor of the nomadic tribes of Asia. According to engineers НиссанКашкай was created for the city, but it laid a large margin, in order that he would not powerless and off-road. For a strong body and a sufficient set of active and passive safety features Qashqai received 5 stars in European crash test.

The first generation of the car from 2006 to 2010

As befits a city car,the first generation of crossover not is large in size and here Nissan Qashqai has the following specifications:

 Nissan Qashqai first generation

According to the calculations of Japanese engineers, these proportions are ideal for urban crossover. And most of the competitors initially took dimensions of Qashqai for reference. But to embrace and those buyers who wants to car slightly larger was made the longer version, called Qashqai+2, it was the size of:

The first generation have established four power units:

 Nissan Qashqai first generation dashboard

The second generation of the car with 2010

In 2010, there was a facelift model. Representatives of Nissan traditionally listen to opinion of the Russian buyers, so the delegation of Japan first visited our country to become acquainted with the opinion of our compatriots.

Technical characteristics of the Nissan Qashqai after the upgrade:

Platform model remained the same, and the wheelbase has not changed. But Qashqai grew in length of 30 mm, is 20 mm above the earth and it became easier on a hundredweight. External changes mostly affected the front part, where there is now a new, more aggressive head lighting lighting, the revised form of the hood, fenders and radiator. Because of claims to the controllability of Qashqai was not, the developers have improved noise insulation and slightly changed the suspension setup.

 Nissan Qashqai second generation

Qashqai+2 has changed too and has the following dimensions:

Compare the elongated Nissan Qashqai specifications: clearance increased by 2 cm, which, according to the owners considerably facilitated congresses on the ground, as well as movement along a snowy road. Thanks to a modified form of the bumper Qashqai no longer raking the snow, and sends it under the bottom of the car. One of the innovations version Qashqai+2 is the ability to install third row seats.

The second generation of completely lost diesel aggregates, now on the choice of the buyers are only available two petrol units:

 Nissan Qashqai second-generation instrument panel

Full drive

A system of full drive of Nissan crossovers are the same regardless of the model. It has classic formula – front-wheel drive car with plug-in electronics rear-wheel drive. But unlike most of the competitors driver Qashqai can control the actuator from the key Lock, which closes the coupling of a full drive, and the car becomes a force-wheel-drive.

If you give everything to electronics, it is sufficient to 0.1 seconds since the start thrashing to connect the rear wheels. Weight of the complete drive Qashqai – 70 kg of The leading 4-wheel Qashqai can move only up to 40 km/h, after a full drive off.

Picking and rates 2013

Qashqai in the domestic market is sold in 5 versions:

 Nissan Qashqai engine


Nissan Qashqai made a name for himself when the main competitors were in the stage of prototypes. For the Russian market it is a bestseller and sold in the amount of 35 thousand pieces per year, all this thanks to the balanced technical characteristics, effective all wheel drive and a reasonable price. It is also worth noting that the version of the Qashqai+2, with its 7-seater interior cheaper than any other analogue, approximately on 100 thousand roubles.

Not far off, and the next обновление.Ожидается that the new model will have a different platform and get with turbine engines.