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Technical characteristics of the Skoda Yeti

After the year 2000, the Czech brand Skoda began the new birth took place the final redemption of its concern Volkswagen. All this had a positive impact on the development of the brand, she had new technology, production capacity and confidence in the future. Over time there was also a gradual re-equipment of Skoda models with the use of units and aggregates of Volkswagen.

Skoda Yeti – the first crossover Czech brand, which is based on a very promising platform Volkswagen A5, specifications Skoda Hildren are very close to one of the most popular crossover – Тигуану. With the advent of the car Skoda timely entered a new segment of the sub-compact crossovers, in which the beginning of exacerbated competition.

Geometric indicators of the car

The firstborn of the Skoda brand was built on the already tested the units and platform Volkswagen and with a large share of the unification of parts with the Roomster. On the same database is built and Skoda Octavia Scout, as well as "the elder brother" Volksvagen Tiguan and even Audi Q3.

 Skoda Yeti

Skoda Yeti specifications:

Dimensions "snow" Skoda approximately equal to the size of the main competitors: Mitsubishi ASX and its derivatives from Peugeot and Citroen, Opel Mocha, Toyota Urban Cruiser (urban crossover for Europe, not sold in Russia) and a number of Chinese models. But unlike them, the Yeti has already celebrated its anniversary – even in 2011 was sold 100 000 model.

Beauty Yeti – shelter rationalist. Seats are dense packing and provide sufficient lateral support. With the other models of the brand here migrated system transformation VarioFlex, allowing to transform all the chairs in the rear seat. High landing behind the wheel provides an excellent overview, and the dimensions of the car felt from the first meters.   

On the guard of the security at the Czech just a huge Arsenal of systems, who Тигуана: ESP, EDS, AFM, HBAs, DSR, ABS, MSR, EBV, ESBS and ASR. Using these systems, Yeti raise up, and come down from the mountain, will not go into a skid or simply slip, and high-speed straight electronics will keep the car on the road, even with the sharp rebuild.

 Skoda Yeti dimensions

Engines and transmission

Engines Yeti – an example of the classical даунсайзинга, i.e. reduction of volume of the engine, but the preservation of its characteristics. If the majority of competitors Skoda make atmospheric models, and only some, the most expensive modifications put a turbine to improve performance, the Czech crossover all engines have the prefix "turbo»:

 Skoda Yeti engine

A system of full drive

In the "top" versions of Yeti is equipped with 4 wheel drive. The principle of action and implementation mechanisms completely moved with Тигуана. The system is based on the fourth-generation Haldex. The driver is not involved in the selection of wheels, everything runs electronics. Feature of the use of the clutch Haldex last generation is always included the main back transfer that involves the transfer of small – 5% of the torque to the rear axle.

Computer block full drive attached to the CAN bus, the vehicle that flock to the main indicators of the car from all of the sensors. Therefore, we can say with confidence that the full drive and is ready to quickly connect during acceleration, braking or skidding.

At intensive dispersal, as soon as you have pressed the gas pedal, all-wheel drive control unit already blocking the clutch, without waiting for stalling. Another advantage of such a system is no need to be unlocked the work of the ESP, and  about the reliability of the fact that the coupling can "digest» torques up to 2400 Nm.

 Skoda Yeti dashboard

Picking and rates

On the domestic market, Skoda these characteristics has the following complete sets:

 Skoda Yeti Luggage compartment


Before us is a very practical and mobile crossover, kinship which models Volkswagen gives Yeti excellent characteristics. It is dynamic, economical, has one of the best systems of the plug-wheel drive and a very attractive price. Moreover, with all of that in front of us crossover, let and compact, but at the Skoda hildren consumption on the level of urban hatchback!