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Technical characteristics of the UAZ patriot sport

New UAZ Patriot Sport is implemented on a platform of the classic version of UAZ Patriot. However, many believe that the prefix Sport  has more advertising or symbolic value and called UAZ Patriot Sport  a shorter version of the civic model UAZ Patriot. So, let's consider the same geometric and specifications is a novelty.

 UAZ Patriot Sport

The dimensions of the vehicle

The length of the new UAZ Patriot Sport is 4340 mm and 360 mm less than the initial version of UAZ Patriot, width 1900 (with mirrors 2100), and height 1910 mm size Reduction, in turn, led to a reduction in the salon for 700 litres. Although the Luggage capacity even with the shortened salon impressive 960 liters. The machine can take on Board more than half tones of cargo. And that's not counting the passengers.

Service weight of the sport model UAZ equal to 2020 kg, that as much as 50 pounds lighter than the base model. The ground clearance is equal to 210 mm, and width wheelbase - 2400 mm Decrease in these parameters car has led to the fact that the radius became significantly less than and equal to 5.88 m

Incidentally, this reduction in size of the car it allows to maintain it in a different road and off-road conditions.

 Luggage compartment UAZ Patriot Sport

Technical characteristics

The new UAZ patriot sport technical characteristics are: equipped with one of two petrol engines:

It is also worth noting that Italian diesel engine Iveco, which is so popular among the fans of the original UAZ Patriot, the sports version is not to be expected.

 Engine UAZ Patriot Sport


UAZ Patriot Sport will be available in three trim levels: Classic, Comfort, Limited. Let's look at each package individually.

UAZ Patriot Sport Classic will be equipped with 112 horsepower engine and will have:

Minimum price at which you can buy this model will begin from 420 thousand roubles.

UAZ Patriot Sport Comfort – the engine will be the same as on the previous modification (112 PS). But there are some differences regarding the configuration. This model is available with:

Cost will UAZ Patriot Sport Comfort 20,000 more in comparison with a lot of Classic.

UAZ Patriot Sport Limited – will be the most powerful modification of the vehicle, as it will stand 128 strong engine, picking it will be the same as the version Comfort, but here also are available with optional air conditioning. For the car manufacturer will ask 505 thousand rubles.

In addition, it is worth noting that neither one specification is not provided by a single air bags and antilock brakes, which is, of course, a little disappointing.

 Loaded UAZ Patriot Sport


Reviews for each owner of the car, of course, are always different. As they say, how many people, are so much and opinions. For example, fans of Japanese and American models of jeeps compare UAZ SPORT with their Pets, and a verdict is carried out for the domestic SUV. According to them, the engine could be and more powerful, and complain of little ground clearance.

And fans of the Oise appeal to the fact that the domestic jeep ride it everywhere. That the best machine for Russian impassability not yet invented. In their opinion, it has excellent cross-country ability and good controllability.

Anyway, let's hope that the time will show who really was right.