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Technical specifications of Renault Duster

The first generation car Reno Duster

The first generation was presented back in 2009, but in  Russia and Ukraine official sales started only in 2012.

 Renault Duster

The exterior of the crossover got quite cute, but any bright and eye-catching elements no. This simple sleek and rounded shapes, which were designed with an eye on the SUV. Because of the design of the bumpers he has good angles of ascent and descent. The car has pretty good ground clearance 205 - 210 mm

 Renault Duster

The interior of the car turned out pretty good. Plastics used in the cabin, quality - nothing crunches and not bursting. Upholstery material is also selected very well. However, the location of some controls may seem inconvenient. This is probably due to a limited budget.

 Renault Duster - salon

Consider the technical specifications of Renault Duster. The basic package comes with ABS (antilock braking system), as well as one airbag for the driver. Additional variants have the ability to set not only the airbag for passenger, but ESP – vehicle stability control (an option).

The car comes with a petrol engine 102 or 135 horsepower. Also available diesel engine 90 HP, you Can choose automatic or manual gearbox, which, in turn, can be 5 or 6 speed.

 The power plant of Renault Duster

For those who buy the car only to drive in the city or on the highway, the best front-wheel-drive version. This set is also very cost effective. All-wheel drive version has a clearance of 5 mm higher. There is a possibility to switch between two modes – this is an automatic mode in which power is distributed on the axis automatically, and the mode with locking center differential.

 Renault Duster specifications

Car Renault Duster has 4 levels of the possible trim levels: base, premium, elite, and luxury. If the first two differ from each other available engines and transmissions, while others include only larger list of options, as well as the opportunity to paint the door handles and rear view mirrors in body color. In the first set is not even the air conditioning, but when you consider the price, it is better to add money and retrofit. Prices start from 570 000 and go up to 920 000, however, if you install all the additional options, you are sure to get out for 1 000 000.

 Car Renault Duster

Of the advantages of the owners produce a fairly smooth ride, good dynamics, low fuel consumption, ease internal electronics, a comfortable lounge, good suspension, large trunk and good quality car.

However, most of the customers complain about expensive maintenance from an authorized dealer. Also the machine has a short transfer, which entails frequent switching and need to get used to riding in the city on 5th gear. Also, due to the narrow mudguards car very quickly accumulates dirt on the sides and on the rear doors. The rest of the complaints are too high expectations from the crossover in this price range. This permeability relative to the SUV, and the relative comfort of luxury cars.

 Crossover Renault Duster

New Renault Duster

In Russia in 2014 have started to collect new Renault Duster, but it touched a few other changes than the European model. So, what changes have got a new model.

Externally, the car has changed slightly – changed only the false radiator grille. The European version got a new segmented optics.

 New Renault Duster

But inside the changes a bit more. It is interesting, for example, a new torpedo, which has become more functional and attractive in design. In the old version of the car Windows were placed really uncomfortable, but now they moved to the standard location.

Now, for an extra fee, of course, can be fitted to the car a decent receiver with touch screen.

 Beauty Renault Duster 2014

Remained the same technical characteristics: Renault Duster is the same car that got some refinement in order to improve the quality and life of the drive. The changes are mostly in the engine and transmission. Automatic transmission has been improved air cooling, which made it less stress, in contrast to earlier models, and the overall service life increased.

The suspension was a little bit fine-tuned for use on the roads of Russia. The rest is all the same crossover Renault Duster.

 Renault Duster 2014

But the price of a new car increased, but the list of options, as well as basic configuration remains the same (if not to take into account some additions, such as new multimedia system). Now motorists will not only ask whether they need the updated Duster, but also to compare the crossover a little bit with other vehicles. Because of the increased prices have changed the list of competitors, which can sometimes offer a more interesting solution for a similar price. Immediately you can answer that updated the car really turned out better than early models. The price of a younger version starts from 610 000 rubles, but the amount does not include all options.

 Renault Duster - picking and rates

In General, dignity remained the same as in earlier models, but the beauty is now more comfortable and some controls are more convenient. The car was more reliable. Improved machine, in combination with all-wheel drive give the owners the opportunity to enjoy the car.

Disadvantages and problems of operating the same, however, judging by the reviews, after production was moved to Russia, began to appear more problematic parts and defective machines. Also with the advent of the new model owners often complain about the cheap plastic in the cabin.