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Test drive Chevrolet Captiva

First thoughts after meeting

Externally, the new Chevrolet Captiva 2013 compared to the previous generation a bit transformed. It has changed the shape of the front bumper, added the extra strap in the center of the grille and at the rear there was a large reflectors, exhaust pipes become more athletic: chrome rectangular shape, also become larger taillights, which are also acquired by the LEDs.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer does not spare plastic and carefully closes the bottom of the crossover body, as if hinting at the possibility of movement on Captiva on the road. However, a cursory look at this car, and immediately noticed the ground clearance as the regular sedan, and the front bumper, which can be damaged even in an urban environment, to leave the asphalt pavement desires still arise.

Anyway, many motorists still argue that, having become acquainted with the updated Captiva closer, the view is slowly starting to change. If this check on your own test drive.

 Chevrolet Captiva 2013 front view

Technical component

On the Russian market Chevrolet Captiva is represented by three types of engines:

For a test drive, we chose a version of the Chevrolet Captiva engine of 3.0 liters, which is expected to be the most popular option among buyers.  Note that one of the advantages of this model is cost-competitive compared to similar class cars is about 1.4 million.

Overall, the petrol engine coupled with a 6-speed automatic gearbox makes sitting behind the wheel of the pilot pleasant feeling. During acceleration presses a little in the chair, during uniform motion comfort level is the highest. Not all crossovers can boast such fast work units.

Automatic switching between gears and easily adjusted to the style of riding, which she dictates the pilot. On a country road test drive Chevrolet Captiva 2013 showed excellent acceleration - 9 seconds to 100 km/h. After 140 km/h the vehicle continues to accelerate and easily reaches 200 km/h.

The Chevrolet Captiva has enough power reserves for high-speed overtaking on the track and a quick start. It is important to avoid very smooth ride, as the automatic transmission does not always have time to respond, can "blunt" or suddenly drop.

At first glance, the engine may seem greedy, but his appetite can be called quite moderate. After a mixed run of length 1.5 thousand kilometers average fuel consumption was only 11 litres/100 km. Occasionally on city streets the onboard computer showed the number 16 l/100.

 Chevrolet Captiva 2013 side view


For starters, the new crossover Chevrolet Captiva are equipped with independent suspension on the basis of MacPherson struts in front and independent multi-link rear suspension system. Brakes on all wheels disc, ventilated, supplemented with ABS, BAS and EBD. Additionally, the SUV is equipped with the electric Parking brake system and electronic stability control (ESC).

Management of the new Chevrolet Captiva pleasant. However, to spoil the first impression can steering - it's too low-sensitivity. Though designers and introduced the alternating electric power (sensitivity depends on the current vehicle speed), it cannot be said that this system is able to "grab the stars from the sky". And the wheel of a car, in principle,  has good ergonomics and is not for everyone without lining will be pleasant to the touch.

On the plane surface movement and maneuverability Captiva is simply superb. In many ways, this contributes to a preset protivobuksovochnaya the ESP system, which itself will intervene and correct the course. The disadvantage is the gas pedal responsiveness - in traffic a bit annoying and quickly tires. Saves the Winter mode: the car starts to move with the third gear and does not allow you to slip the wheels.

But Chevrolet Captiva - first of all, as stated by the manufacturer is an SUV, so a real test for him was to be off-road. However, the sandy surface is of a car is a barrier - it was quickly buried. But the movement on the clay and dirt surprised. Car easily overcame the descents and ascents, easily passes the Ford up to 30 cm in depth, on their own able to get out of deep ruts. It is also worth noting the help system on the descents. After it has been activated the machine independently controls the speed and wheel brakes.

Suspension Chevrolet Captiva can be called hard, but not more than competing models. Other silent blocks, dampers and vibration dampers under the springs did the suspension is truly omnivorous, so large roughness and small size fits SUV flies so confidently, as if under the wheels - the perfect autobahn. However, excessive roll on sharp turns still being felt and the reverse side updated suspension becomes sluggishness when moving in urban environments and valkost.

Suspension travel the Chevrolet Captiva can no doubt be called "parquet", a small, early comes diagonal hanging. However, the combination of all-wheel drive and automatic stabilization system does not allow you to slow down. Previous generations of this problem was more pronounced.

 Chevrolet Captiva 2013 rear view


The beginner market Chevrolet Captiva can not be named - he is known to motorists since 2006, however,  changes since that time there have been some quite. Especially worth noting is the substantial processing of the interior.

By and large modern interior Captiva has all the parts necessary for the comfort, for both drivers and passengers. Bulky the Parking brake lever is now replaced by electric key, which in turn, increases the space on the Central Tonle between the front passenger and the driver. This place is immediately adapted for convenient armrest and different niches. Such functional fullness looks much more practical.

Buying a model with maximum options, the owner will get the front seats with the regulations in eight directions. The back seat can enjoy in the ratio of 40/60, forming a flat Luggage compartment in whole 1577 liters. Also features heated front and rear seats, dual-zone climate control, engine start button, but the fashion of the "frills" in the form of rear-view cameras or zatemnyayushchey mirrors the structure of "comfortableness" of the car manufacturer added. Still, manufacturers Chevrolet Captiva sought to characterize the SUV is not a large number of the most modern systems, and reliability.

 Chevrolet Captiva salon 2013

In conclusion

Conducted a test drive of the Chevrolet Captiva has allowed us to master the car from "A" to "z". And if you wonder "Among the audience of the Chevrolet Captiva will be the most popular?", you can come to the conclusion that the car is perfect for those who love a peaceful life, for those who want to have in the garage ordinary large, but inexpensive car.

It is worth noting the reasonable cost of Chevrolet Captiva, making it available for purchase a large circle of motorists, who can not afford to buy a car of this class more famous manufacturers. Thus, this car worthy of the attention of every motorist.