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Test drive Renault Duster

The Renault group and test drive Renault Duster  spread in more than 120 countries. Renault is engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of passenger cars and commercial vehicles under 3 logos: Renault, Dacia, RSM. 

 Interior Renault

The Renault successfully produces a budget model. To date, the center Ferris was the crossover Renault Duster. This fresh model attracts auto enthusiasts for many reasons. Initially it became clear that the main advantage of this car is the cost. Since the abundance of Dusters on the roads has been increasing every day, so we decided to conduct a little test drive Renault Duster, which will take up the interior cabin, exterior design, some technical parameters and price and video Renault Duster.

Test drive Renault Duster

The front part of the Duster similar to the kind of Volkswagen Tyaper. It can be noticed looking at the car in front view. It seems that the designers Duster was not even thought to copy the Germans, but nevertheless the result was very successful.

 White Renault duster

Perhaps this similarity with the popular SUV the Frenchman were on hand.

Very powerful form of a rack can not attract the eye of passers-by. It is attached arches, profile and stern, where there is a DUSTER logo on the tailgate. To further attract the attention of buyers from Russia, the manufacturers have altered the appearance of the domestic version and made a bit of aggressiveness, with a chrome grille, optics and shaded lamps. Also add color to the roof rails and high ground clearance. Therefore, the SUV looks stylish, "off-road".

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The interior cabin

If appearance no questions, then what is inside the cabin. The interior of the Duster has differences from the interior of the Logan and Sandero. Salon of European quality and is presented in darker shades. In the European sample repainted cheap beard with buttons from Logan. In the Russian version of this component was replaced, and now it is a comfortable and stylish design the dashboard.

 The interior cabin

Otherwise now is the combination of the devices. Hard plastic torpedo card reveals about the budget of this project. Chrome trim for door handles, there is no mechanism for folding shutters, in the Luggage Department circular ducts from Logan in the air conditioner unit. Incidentally, to put the car on another market, the firm had to move 30% of the parts, to make reconfiguration and adaptation.

Design and description of Renault Duster

Budget crossover perfect for winter roads and roads unpaved. It has a capacitive battery, generator, high power, steel protection for the engine, fuel system, gearbox. This changed method of operation of the engine control unit, up to five litres of the volume of the washer reservoir. Engineers have increased the area clean windshield, adjusted the setting. The driver's seat is quite comfortable and has a longitudinal adjustment, backrest adjustable in height.

 Test drive

Pretty tough look of the cushions, comfortable materials. The Renault Duster wide armrests, elbows conveniently located, providing practicality while driving long distances. The steering column of this crossover can be adjusted for height only, so larger drivers will not be quite comfortable, you will need to sit with their arms or legs bent at the knees, which is extremely uncomfortable on long trips. Quite comfortable seem the front passenger seat. If you compare Duster with Logan, the first is not far inferior to the second, literally a few centimeters. The back row in total can accommodate three passengers. But the household Arsenal a little bit worse than the standard driver and front passenger: doors no pockets for personal items, niches for bottles, coasters not available. Looking at the video video reno duster, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of salon of the Frenchman.

The parameters of the capacity of the trunk are striking in their magnitude. Volume at the front car of 475 liters. Luggage compartment all-wheel drive crossover for sixty litres less.

Also note the originality of the audio system. If younger models is necessary for mounting to pay an additional 16 000 roubles from above, in the present expensive models this audio system is present. She reads popular formats CD-MP3, and also provides the possibility of connecting external equipment (AUX USB), and the controlled system with the remote. The sound good quality, you can install a more powerful sound system. There is also the possibility to connect the phone via the "Bluetooth" and communicate securely during movement of vehicles. The cooling system was designed, given the climatic conditions in Russia. 

In order to verify the veracity of all the presented characteristics, the best way possible test drive Renault Duster.

In all-wheel drive version of Renault Duster two-liter engine with a capacity of one hundred and thirty-five horsepower, transmission automatic six-speed, easy moving uphill, quickly gaining momentum and instantly accelerates, despite the huge weight (1.5 tons) of the vehicle. Reduced 1st pass the car on the paved road she would need to start, followed by a switch. This auto adjustment allows it to move with a speed less than 6 km/h. only 3.2 turnover rudder and crossover easily respond to it, making agile turns. Going very nicely in a box the gear lever, to confuse the transmission is very difficult.

Visibility Duster is also good. Medium size mirrors. Renault Duster is equipped with sensors. It follows that making turns in unfamiliar places always have an idea on the perimeter, where we are going. Energy suspension lets not slow down before the flaws on the pavement. Noise isolation from the Duster significantly better than the younger models. In control panel there is a round washer, which forms the mode of operation of the actuator. Duster easily cope with obstacles in auto mode. I would also like to mention that while testing the car at a career, where a large number of boulders and the strike plate over the rocks and did not work, and is very honored plus. The ground clearance of the car is 210 mm. Enjoyable moment also become short overhangs crossover. As a result, the angle of slope is 30 degrees ahead.

In General, the crossover is very practical and comfortable, a claim to his characteristics are practically absent, because a lot of the familiar can be found with the Sandero and Logan models. Today sold more than 220 000 of these vehicles. So the experience of postprod this transport is very solid. Renault provides three year warranty this model of the crossover. 469, 000 – this is the minimum price.

Well, for the conclusion of the presentation about this wonderful budget cars offer to watch  video Renault Duster with its test drive.