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Test drive SUV video online

SUVs today are moving away from the single image of a large and heavy vehicle off-road.  Class SUV covers a whole variety of cars from small and mid-size to SUV's impressive size, so the SUV is becoming attractive to a growing number of both men and women.  You can verify raznokalibernoy the class of cars, looking almost any test drive.  Apart from the SUVs also emit so-called crossovers. Let's try to understand what is the difference between them.

SUV and crossover.

First, the SUV is a broader term and refers to any off-road vehicles. SUVs  is cars not only for private but also for special use, suitable for rough road, so for absolute offroad in General.  Crossovers, in turn, focused on  the acquisition of a broader Krog persons, so their design is a huge emphasis on comfort: the high waist, comfortable control are all integral parts of the crossover.  the Main feature of the SUV will be a frame structure where the frame is held directly by the chassis, and the body is mounted on top.

Test drive SUV video

Advantages and disadvantages of an SUV.

Of course, the advantages of this class of vehicles is undeniable. This, of course, the durability frame SUVs, good noise isolation due to the same framework structure, the high waist and the most important purpose:  the passage on the road. Moreover, the SUVs are easier to repair after accidents. And, of course, it is impossible not to take into account the impressive appearance of the SUV that embodies strength and confidence. This kind of car can only dream of! 

But despite the impressive SUV is often associated with confidence and security, statistics say otherwise. One of the major drawbacks in terms of security is the fact that the braking distance in an SUV is much more than a car that provokes a crash on a slippery road.  in addition, drivers of the overturned SUV  die much more often by drivers of passenger cars. But this largely depends on the experience of drivers.

Mid-size SUVs.

Midsize SUVs are the most popular SUV segment for everyday use. Let's look at some of them:

- Jeep Cherokee. One of the leaders in sales last year.  You can see a test drive of the Jeep Grand Cherokee and make sure that it is really a worthwhile car. Fashion on crossovers walked by its side, that can be evaluated in different ways. Still Cherokee - solid SUV model, well adapted to bad roads. Though not characterized by good maneuvering.  as for the interior, there is the usual for this kind of car high seats, adjustable steering wheel height and comfortable seat. Everything looks elegant and strictly both in the cabin and outside.

Test drive Jeep Cherokee

- Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. This car is considered one of the most advanced and well-equipped SUVs. This model has an Arsenal of tools for going off-road. There is a locking rear differential, stabilizers of the body with possibility management, and more. The car model comes with either lever-spring, or with an adaptive suspension. Incidentally, the latter significantly raises the price of the car. Very similar to Toyota Land Cruiser Prado model Lexus GX460, which differ mainly in the design of interior and exterior views. You can reach a verdict by looking at the video tests of SUVs.

Test drive Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Test drive Lexus GX460

- UAZ Patriot/Patriot Sport. I would like to mention also the domestic model. UAZ Patriot is very popular and it is easy to explain: the car was really good and at the same time inexpensive. For the production used a large share of foreign equipment, for example, the clutch, gearbox, headlights and so on. Four-wheel drive type “Part Time”. The salon is decorated in a minimalist style, adjustable tilt steering, comfortable seats, and the exterior of the car is very, very bad.

Test drayv Renault Duster - UAZ Patriot Chevrolet Niva

To popular midsize SUVs also include  SsangYong Rexton II, Nissan Pathfinder, Mitsubishi Pajero IV,  Land Rover Freelander 2 and many others.

Test drive crossover SUV SsangYong

Test drive Nissan SUVs

Test drive Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Test drive Land Rover Freelander 2

Which SUV to choose.

First, determine what exactly You need, for what purposes, and assume it is from You on specific characteristics and preferences: whether You want to drive an SUV in the city and intend to use it regularly or do You intend to ride it out of town on the road as a hobby. This decision will depend on the desired dimensions of the car. Then identify acceptable price category.  this is followed by characteristics such as engine power, fuel consumption and, of course, safety.  Remember that a good SUV need not be insanely expensive.  test  there is many review articles SUVs in various price categories, test drives of cars SUV video.  When choosing a SUV should not be too much importance to give the car brand. Think rationally and make your choice! What follows are a test drive SUV video online, must see!

Test drive Kia Mohave

Test drive Audi Q7

Test drive Mercedes-Benz G-class


Test drive VAZ 2131 Niva Cedar"

Test drive Jeep Wrangler


Test drive Hyundai Santa Fe

Test drive Toyota and Lexus

Test drive Great Wall Hover H5


Test drive Niva-Lynx