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The best crossovers and SUVs from world famous manufacturers

Best British vnedorozniki

The best crossovers and SUVs will begin to consider with the legendary Discovery 4, which is characterized by impeccable reasoning and the presence of a large number of useful functions, performed with the use of modern technologies. This car will help you to feel confident behind the wheel as on urban and rural roads and highways, and off-road.

Presentation of the Discovery of the 4th generation took place in 2009. SUV stands out, first and foremost, the external design, reflecting the emergence of the redesigned optics and grille. Exterior design of the new SUV – it is dynamic and yet a certain aggressiveness of the design.

 Land Rover Discovery 4

The interior received an even more significant advantage. The basic principle here – unusual informative and functionality throughout. This also applies to the Central console, dashboard, and other important elements of beauty. But the main thing is that you can get by becoming the owner of the SUV already in the basic equipment.

Well, the main advantage of a Land Rover Discovery 4, of course, is the updated diesel engine LR-TDV6, displacement of 3.0 liters, with two turbochargers that help reduce fuel costs by 9% and reduce harmful emissions by 10 %. While the power of the motor is 29 % higher than the 2.7-litre power unit.

2013 Land Rover Discovery 4 has received a new design. Price Discovery 4 starts at 2 648 000 rubles

The best German SUVs

SUV Volkswagen Touareg in just a few years established itself as a reliable vehicle for off-road. He has a great driving characteristics and dynamic characteristics. However, its cost is appropriate. The starting price for the basic package of the car about 2 million rubles are not available to every Russian buyer, however, fully justified.

 Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI

The main advantage of the Touareg is its suspension, which may be a conventional spring and pneumatic systems of automatic control clearance and electronic control of the shock absorbers. When driving on the highway pneumatic suspension contributes to the creation of higher convenience, and also supports the dynamics of a sports car due to the possibility of automatic control of the position of a body is proportional to the speed.

The driver has the possibility to manually control the clearance, increasing it on rough terrain, to improve throughput, while maintaining an unusually high level of comfort.

Owners of SUV observed periodically slow response of the machine.

BMW X5 – crossover medium size German production from the company BMW. The car was presented in 1999 at the motor show in Detroit.

Thanks to an impressive ground clearance and permanent all-wheel drive, the BMW X5 copes with any type of terrain. The car was bright design. Also, the SUV is characterized by the impressive size of the Luggage compartment.


Not surprisingly, the beauty X5 characteristic of luxury and comfort. In the finishing elements used good quality leather and pasting from natural wood. The wheel is staffed by a large number of useful functions. All interior seats are regulated by the driver and passengers according to their preferences, providing convenient high landing, respectively, and a magnificent view.

Customers are offered the following options for power plants:

All engines meet the requirements of the toxicity of the Euro-5. As the transmission is eight-speed automatic transmission equipped with a torque Converter.

Mercedes-Benz produces a series of premium SUV category SUV – GL-class. This luxury seven-seat SUV, which is characterized by excellent dynamics on urban roads and off-road. In addition, the GL-class corresponds to the highest safety standards, due to the wide safety kit.

In addition, the impressive and the interior of the vehicle, endowed with the inner space. The internal decoration is made of high quality materials, which ensures the cabin is not only its high functionality and comfort.

 Mercedes-Benz GL 500

In 2009 GL-Class first generation was subjected to the first and so far only restyling. The most noticeable changes have been front bumper with led lights, rear bumper, and grille. New ways painting – dark grey and light silver.

Best Japanese SUVs

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado – reliable and proven off-road vehicle with the carrier frame, reinforced at the expense of special alloys according to the latest innovative developments of the manufacturer.

Japanese SUV positioned as high-tech and easy to control the car with the highest level of comfort. Its design is calm and restrained, no extravagant details, no swaggering bumpers. Rigid frame and independent suspension contribute to high permeability.

 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

As for power plants, the buyer has a choice among:

In 2013, started the production of a restyled version of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, which has received the updated grille and elongated headlights head optics, as well as a new bumper. Substantial changes were made and the salon, which has received the updated center console and instrument panel, color TFT multi-information display of 4.2 inches and also multimedia system Toyota Touch 2.

Lexus GX 460 – is the only frame SUV in its class. This is a comfortable and reliable car with luxurious unique design that feels fine on the road with any surface, as well as off-road. 

The SUV is equipped with a V-neck gasoline engine displacement 4.6 liters, capable of producing power at 296 horsepower, through Dual VVT-i, ACIS and EGR, injectors new developments. The maximum torque of such a motor nm already at 3500 rpm When the engine is characterized by high efficiency and complies with all environmental standards.

 Lexus GX 460

Transmission – 6 speed automatic transmission with electronic control. Already the basic configuration GX 460 inherent in the all wheel drive system, the management of which is entrusted to the electronic transfer case.

The cabin of the SUV has a rich equipment. The front seats are equipped with automatic control and heating and ventilation. The base version of the car comes with a premium audio system with 9 speakers, rear view camera and 4.2-inch multi-information display.

The best American SUVs

Jeep Grand Cherokee – this mid-size SUV of American manufacturing. Debuted the legendary car back in 1992, and then has undergone several updates. Jeep Grand Cherokee fourth generation was introduced in April 2009 at the motor show in new York. Designed SUV on the platform of Mercedes-Benz M-Class second generation.

 Jeep Grand Cherokee

And in January 2013 the presentation of the updated Jeep Grand Cherokee. The changes primarily relate to external and internal design, and equipment. The SUV received a new eight-speed transmission.

For the updated Grand Cherokee is characterized by the following options for power plants:

Rating crossovers and SUVs

Among crossovers and SUVs famous brands there are many legendary and proven German cars, Japanese, American and even Russian production. Consider everything in this article we are not able. Therefore, presenting the ranking of crossovers and SUVs, which were not included in the article, but it proved itself as a reliable and quality vehicles for off-road.

Among the cars manufactured by the Japanese want to highlight the following well-known SUVs:

 Nissan Patrol

Many time-tested and American SUVs, among them:

 Ford Ranger

Top German SUVs:

 Audi Q7

Legendary British SUV production:

 Kia Sorento

Rating Korean SUVs and crossovers:

 UAZ Patriot

Russian SUVs: