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The choice of crossovers and SUVs up to 500 000 rubles

Flour of choice

Crossovers to 500,000 rubles – it is literally a dream for many motorists, because not everyone has the means to purchase premium or enough prestige cars such segment. In this situation there is only 2 options:

It is no secret that many have a negative attitude towards the idea of riding on a used vehicle, in particular, because of the reluctance to buy another "the cat in the bag.  On the other hand, there are many of those that don't see the point in cheap auto when there is an opportunity to acquire much more comfortable and prestigious, let him be with. So it is necessary to consider all aspects of such a dilemma.

Domestic SUVs up to 500 000 rubles

In the category of "off-road vehicles to 500,000 roubles new" gets a few models, and they can share it on SUVs and crossovers. If you wish to buy a SUV to 500,000 rubles, then to this niche are only 2 models from Ulyanovsk plant.

This embodiment Spartan car, whose main task consists in the storm of mud, water barriers and other obstacles to movement.

 UAZ 469

Exterior it has not changed for many years – severe jeep, with minimal frills and tent top, modelled on the military vehicles. In the Arsenal of this model has 2 power unit – this is a gasoline engine, displacement of 2.7 liters and diesel 2.2 litre.

The power of the gasoline engine is not impressive – 128 HP, which is very little by today's standards, given such a volume. Craving a good, but not outstanding – 208 Nm of torque. At a maximum speed of 130 km/h this SUV even on the highway "eats" almost 11 liters, and the urban becomes simply outrageous. 2.2-litre diesel produces 113,5 horses and cravings 270 ’Newton’, as equipped with direct injection.

 Russian SUV UAZ 469

With the engine running only 4-speed "mechanics". The chassis is focused on off-road "exploits» because the suspension is fully independent and has two bridges. Brake he the disk, but only on the front axle – at the rear are drum mechanisms. Supplemented this by a hydraulic actuator.

The cabin of the SUV ascetic and include only essential options.

But this is not the only SUV for 500,000 rubles.

This jeep-drivers outwardly much more modern, maintained the same outline of the body. However, it looks more stylish and angularly. However, this did not prevent designers to leave all the technical stuffing still. Motors at the UAZ Hunter those that UAZ 469 – the 2.7-liter benzenic and 2.2-liter diesel without toboada. Transmission is similar.

 UAZ Hunter

Any change in the chassis, brakes and steering also not observed. The salon is also not too modernized – much left as it is.

 Russian SUV UAZ Hunter

Russian crossovers up to 500 000 rubles

For those who want to buy a crossover to 500,000 rubles, will be somewhat easier, as the range in this case is wider.

This legendary model, the story with hundreds of thousands of copies. To buy a car in 3-door and 5-door variants. This is a classic machine-terrain. Unpretentious, reliable and cheap – to buy a new crossover to 500,000 rubles is not working.

 Installed Niva 4h4

Lada 4x4 produced since the only possible, the 1.7-liter engine of the atmospheric structure, the power of which many openly grieves – a total of 81 HP combined torque of 127 Nm.

Yes and flow, as to such characteristics, just huge – even mixed takes away from the tank 11 gallons! However, no signs of impending replacement or major upgrade is not observed, although such a power unit for a long time already need to be replaced. A 5-speed MT.

The drive here only full, but on the front axle, unlike the Oise, is multi-link suspension, while the rear has retained its traditional bridge. Power steering hydraulic type.

 Russian crossover Lada Niva 4x4

This updated model, which looks much fresher and more of their fellows. Designers and do not hide that it is the city version. However, this thesis is not particularly evident in her designs. However, reasonable price that starts from 402 000 rubles, can be attributed to "urban" category "budget crossovers to 500,000 rubles»

The motor it's the same – 1.7-liter, 83 HP horsepower and 129 Nm traction. Except that the flow rate was slightly lower, falling to 9.7 liters. With him aggregated 5-speed transmission. The drive remained full as well, and the suspension with independent front and rear axle.

 Installed Niva 4h4 Urban

But inside this Lada 4x4 Urban is much more comfortable and nicer – finishes noticeably better sound too, although without the Soviet heritage, in the form of a swirling black plastic panels shiny screws, not cost.

This is the best crossover to 500,000 rubles, produced in Russia. He westernized appearance with rounded features, rounded optics, absence of sharp bends and stamps.

 Chevrolet NIVA

His suspension is the same as the Lada 4x4 – independent scheme on the front axle and the rear axle. Brake system is the same as the steering wheel.

In the cabin, of course, much more modern than the Lada 4x4, although it is immediately obvious that the torpedo is taken from the family of Samara. Therefore, any identity design we are not talking. Buy Chevrolet Niva is possible for the price tag from 463,000 rubles.

 SUV Chevrolet NIVA

Foreign brands of SUVs and crossovers up to 500 000 rubles

There is only one option. The SUV to 500,000 new – it LIFAN X60, which fall into this category solely because the base set that retails for 499 900 rubles.

This car differs from domestic models. First of all, this appearance – inflated shape of the body, the front end with a powerful grille, brand optics, massive front bumper, wings, podshtampovki and lines. It all looks very impressive, especially in comparison with Russian models and their fresh design.


Technical stuffing too much better. 1.8-liter, atmospheric with 4 cylinders, and the injector is much more powerful – it gives already with 128 HP at 6000 rpm, and its torque reaches 168 Nm at 4 200 rpm. This allows you to tell the machine decent dynamics and confidently to accelerate the car up to 170 km/H. With this appetite it to be substantially lower than the competition – an average of 8.2 liters. For the specified amount the buyer will get the only possible transmission – a manual 5-speed.

Chassis LIFAN X60 much more comfortable, although the dirt on it is generally better not to go. Of course, the first primer "Chinese" will not stop, but the cost of repairs after serious "Giovane» can unpleasantly surprise.

 Chinese crossover LIFAN X60

Fortunately, its fully independent suspension, complete with racks of McPherson type front and multi-link diagram in the back, is configured specifically for city driving. And disc brakes in a circle ensure good braking dynamics.

The interior is original, although its stepped design and weight of the tacky silver inserts like not everyone.

As in the case with the Chinese representatives segment crossovers to 500,000 new in this case limited to one representative – this is the French model of Renault Duster, base modification which is 492 000 rubles

 Renault Duster

Many say that out of all the SUVs to 500,000 rubles, which can be purchased in Russia, this has the attractive design. It is immediately obvious European – not that bored and perelistyvaya over the edge of aggressiveness. Everything in moderation – powerful features of the body, solid front, topped rectangular "jaws" grille, faceted optics, massive intake and sloping hood.

Profile «Duster» no less courageous, standing out powerful wheel arches, stairs at the rapids and attractive wheels. But the food looks pale – modest feet, the usual fifth door, standard bumper, decorated with signature lining.

In the range of less than 500 000 hits Renault Duster 1.6-litre petrol engine. This inline Assembly, complete with injector and outstanding 5 750 rpm 105 horses. And 3 750 rpm available its 145 ’Newton» torque. The dynamics of this Reno is not the most impressive – 11,5 sec. – but much better than the domestic versions, as well as appetite – 9.4 liters in the city. Maximum speed – 164 km/h For this motor is a 5-speed MT.

 SUV Renault Duster

Drive the Renault Duster front. From the front he has independent suspension with McPherson struts, but in the back, unlike LIFAN X60, installed torsion beam. On the front are disc brakes, while the rear – drum.

In the cabin cosy enough, but no chic is not in sight – cheap plastic, the design is also not the most original, largely copied from the "Logan». Nevertheless, assembled, beauty quite neat, gaps between panels not, and the seats are comfortable. In General this is a very good crossover for 500,000 rubles.

It is noticeable that the new crossovers to 500,000 rubles in the range available, but it is quite narrow. Domestic cars like not all, and buy something more prestigious prevent financial constraints.

B. W. crossovers up to 500 000 rubles

Buy SUV to 500,000 with mileage could not be easier, as the market offers a lot, and not necessarily it will be “dead” an instance of which went for the 2nd decade. For this amount you can buy regarding fresh jeep-drivers, of which a maximum of 5 years.

In this list, you can specify the following cars – Great Wall Hover H2, Mitsubishi Pajero Mini, Nissan Kix, Hyundai Santa Fe, Nissan Qashqai, Great Wall Hover, Great Wall Hover H3, Nissan Juke, Great Wall Safe, Kia Sportage and others. In General, the list of available options is impressive.

 Mitsubishi Pajero Mini

As you can see, there is no European brands. However, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of these models by dividing them into several blocks.

These SUVs to 500,000 with mileage belong to the category of compact 3-door cars. Such models have excellent geometric cross because of the small overhang of the body and almost smooth bottoms. Of course, the engines, which are equipped with these dzhiperov, modest, and their volume is less than 1 liter. However, for the confident movement and enough.

 Nissan Kix

However, such off-road vehicles to 500,000 rubles not suit everyone, consequently, the spectrum of potential buyers is quite narrow.

Data BU crossovers to 500,000 rubles are representatives of the urban type. As a rule, for the same amount they will be a little older (4-5 years). But it overlaps the traditional reliability of these cars, their prestige, comfort, and other qualities. Of course, it is entirely urban ’crooks” focused on the assault obstacles typical of the metropolis – borders, flows asphalt, snow, etc.

 Nissan Qashqai

These Chinese crossovers to 500,000 with mileage listed below "thoroughbred" the Japanese or Koreans. Therefore, ceteris paribus, it is possible to buy a car younger. On the other hand, neither comfort nor in terms of reliability, technical data, status, and other aspects, they are clearly not up to Japanese models.

 Great Wall

As you can see, buy SUV to 500,000 is quite real, whether new or used copy. However, very few people he should cater to the fullest. On the other hand, the crossover to buy up to 500000 much easier, because they are disproportionately wider. It can be quite a decent new model. However, do not think that high quality crossovers b up to 500000 much as good as new. 3-4 years for a car of this class – it does not age.