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The dignity of the Chinese crossovers to the machines of the global automotive industry

The main advantages of Chinese crossovers

Everyone knows that before the Chinese automobile industry has never been notable for their quality, reliability, and in most cases just blindly copy the best models of the world automobile industry. You can see hundreds of clones of famous models from around the world, ranging from copies of elite BMW X5 and Lexus RX series, to the creation of a Cherry. But in recent years, manufacturers from China demonstrate their new trend – they unite in one car, while it is in small SUVs best features and design decisions of various manufacturers from all over the world.

It's fair to say that the Chinese SUVs and crossovers have a special status, despite the fact that their mass emergence of the market began just a few years ago. And if in the production of sedans, the Chinese came in a certain creative "dead end", the development of SUVs and crossovers at the moment passes by leaps and bounds.

But first let's answer the question: “what is The secret of such popularity of Chinese crossovers?»

Today Chinese firms prefer to hire European, Japanese and American designers, the authorship of which is owned by many car models crossovers in recent years. And we have to agree that the cars from China are no worse than their rivals from Japan and Europe, and the price of such car in 2 and sometimes 3 times cheaper.

Such a low price is that the majority of Chinese automobile companies are young and have no history of brand and advertisement, as the world's leading manufacturers, and therefore in the value of the crossover no extra charge for the brand, a company history, advertising, etc. But at the same time, the price of Chinese crossovers had virtually no effect on the quality, convenience and characteristics of a car.

This is exactly appeal to the majority of motorists.

 Chinese brands

Consider the previously described the tendency of the Chinese example of some of the most popular of today's crossovers.

Chinese crossover 2013 issue BYD S6 their own features reminiscent of the famous Japanese crossover Lexus RX series. This is not surprising given the fact that the development of new concept participated Japanese designers.

The main characteristics and advantages of this model:

In total we have: similarity premium leather interior, big trunk, small consumption of fuel, relatively powerful engine and the small price of 500 thousand rubles. Compared with competitors from Japan and Europe (and this Lexus RX or VW Tiguan), the car firmly takes the first place in terms of price and quality.

 Crossover BYD S6

Chinese crossovers 2013 issue were created as the cars intended for the European market. And this model, too, is a bright representative of a typical European car, though, and Chinese production.

The main characteristics of this new product are:

In total we have: small engine output (99 PS is quite enough for domestic roads on which cars with a capacity of more than 200-300 PS't find out for its power), and the associated smallest fuel consumption, original exterior and all this for the price of only 450 thousand rubles. The car is a direct competitor of such crossovers as the Mazda CX-3 or BMW X-1, which cost 3 times more expensive.

 Crossover Great Wall M4

This crossover can be called quite unique car, despite the fact that the index of the same name as the flagship model range Volvo. While in the appearance of a car, you can find some borrowings from different European and Japanese models, but  copying Western models blame the manufacturer's still not out.

Essential characteristics of the vehicle:

The main advantage of this car is almost the same as the other models of the China - price. Over 530 thousand roubles is leather interior, led navigation lights and all of the above. A similar model of European or Japanese origin, such as Volvo, Mercedes GLK or Renault Duster will cost not less than 1 million rubles, while not possessing unusual design, this Chinese crossover.

 Crossover FAW S80


And as a conclusion I would like to note, that at present the opinion motorists about the low quality of Chinese crossovers (although several years ago it was) is erroneous. In the manufacture of their vehicles Chinese manufacturers use only high-quality licensed parts from world leading companies.