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The Evolution Of Toyota Rav 4

The appearance of the legendary off-roader

At the time of Toyota Rav 4 cannot be put in one row with the already existing models for SUVs. And this is explained by the fact that the model of 1994 had four-wheel drive, independent suspension, wheels and independent body design that together allow easy control of the car and enjoy the comfortable and fast driving. Rav 4 marked a new trend: the SUV now not only was able to overcome a considerable distance outside the asphalt, but do it the sport-dynamics gives the driver comfort, peculiar to this vehicle. Another interesting fact is that the transcript of abbreviations mark means that the car is intended for recreation.

A year later, the Japanese, presented his five-door version as a car for the whole family, as the increase in base led to an increase in space in the cabin and in the Luggage compartment.

 Toyota Rav 4 2013 front view

The first generation Rav 4 equipped only with one 128-strong petrol engine in volume 2 HP, but this did not prevent the rapid success of the car. The owners of the first models very positively about their iron "friends", noting:

Toyota offered two options Rav 4: full or front wheel drive. The latter has not found such a strong distribution on the space of our country, as the difference in value between versions was immaterial and quietly allowed to buy all-wheel drive vehicle. The only serious drawback of the first generation drivers are the lack of gear that had doomed machine to fail when hit, for example, in sticky mud all wheels.

The 21st century with a new car

In 2000 its start has taken the second generation of Rav 4. The creators of developing the specified model wanted, first of all, quite significantly change the design of the car, and secondly, to overcome the weaknesses of the original version. According to motorists, it is the finalization of the weaknesses gave the car a new look, more vivid, fresh and an individual. Elimination of defects was the principal challenge, since the 2000 model on the idea of the performers had to become not just a real leader among small SUV class, and keep the specified position a certain period of time behind the SUV, issued after it.

 Toyota Rav 4 2013 rear view

The first thing that catches your eye – the appearance undergone significant changes. The second generation of Rav 4 has more courageous, reliable, solid design. The car is equipped with tires larger than the previous model. Otherwise become and beauty of the car. He became more spacious and external dimensions have not changed radically. Just changed the design of the adjustment mechanisms seats, but, according to the owners, even the new Toyota Rav 4 not solved the problem of accommodation for passengers of high growth.

The 2000 model has a gasoline engine volume-2 litres, and capacity 150 PS If you consider the kind of Rav 4 with three doors, one can see that it has a petrol engine of 1.8 l (128 HP). Since spring 2001, some cars are equipped with turbo-diesel engine with a volume of 2 liters and capacity of 113 PS Manual transmission is a five-speed, and is also available 4-speed automatic.

As noted, the controllability of second generation Rav 4 very good. From the experience of domestic drivers: even at the speed of 170 km/h, the car, instantly reacting to the movements of the hand, reconstructed from one lane to another. What can be said about the smoothness of the model. Deepening of the pit, another curvature or bumps in the road – all the elements of the profile of road machine responds quite noticeably. But all the same there are certain pros: with increasing speed, the error disappears.

Another good option

The new, third generation of Rav 4 was submitted in 2005 (serial release began in 2006) and is substantially different from their "ancestors". It should be noted that it is with third generation ceased production version of the car with three doors.

What offers this generation Toyota Rav 4 new changes from previous?

 Toyota Rav 4 2013 engine

First of all, we are talking about a completely different appearance: the designers of the concern tried to glory, giving the car an enviable appearance. Changed size SUV through a new platform, broader than the last version. In addition, Rav 4 above. Modernization has touched beauty, which became more and more convenient due to the increase of the distance between the rows of seats. Accordingly, it has a place for additional departments, which were placed on the sides and just outside the center armrest. But many motorists first call such a trifle as the change in the instrument panel, resulting in the important place occupied already not tachometer and speedometer.

Toyota Rav 4 2006 got a new engine:

However, the transmission remained the same – this is a 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual gearbox.

Success on the Russian market uses a turbocharged diesel engine, has earned high marks by the drivers for their performance, as well as good old 2-liter unit.

 Toyota Rav 4 2013 beauty

Changes were made to the drive: instead of the previously available four-wheel drive version provides a model equipped with front-wheel drive with the ability to connect the rear axle. Activation of the drive is вискомуфтой in two cases:

Constructors are not provided Rav 4 center differential, and therefore always included full drive invariably leads to damage to the transmission. Owners of Toyota's third-generation noted the clear work of clutch, which, moreover, is guarded by the electronic system to disable the rear wheels. This happens either when overheated coupling or when driving at speeds over 40 km/hour. However, experience of operating this model showed significant weakness in electronics: if auto забуксует on the roads, the coupling quickly warms up, and it means that your machine will immediately become front-wheel drive.

Modernization model

After 3 years, in 2009 appears modernized Rav 4.

Now for car available only two petrol engines:

Options actuators are preserved, but the front-wheel drive versions are equipped with differentials increased friction, and system of a full drive may be locked. However, as before, much enjoyed great success of all-wheel drive version, outstanding good indicators of terrain, which is confirmed by the experience of many drivers. By the way, six-cylinder engine gained recognition among Russians is powerful and stable Japanese reliability.

 Toyota Rav 4 2013 steering wheel

It should be particularly noted the fact that the upgraded Rav 4 is equipped with many systems, responsible for security. Motorists particularly for ABS and stability control system, through which you can feel confident behind the wheel of this car almost any weather or road conditions.

In addition, Rav 4 has a huge set of additional options, of which the owners distinguish reliable rearview camera, and high-quality multimedia system.  And also, a model of this issue, they are advised to purchase better with leather interior, because a normal padding quickly loses its rich appearance.

Update 2010

In 2010 at the motor show in Geneva, Toyota introduced a new updated version of the SUV Rav 4. Another change of design, immediately striking, aimed at creating a more focused, directed and determined the image. Narrow fog lights with chrome furnished with light head, striking radiator grille, hood with differences relief – all this makes the SUV good aggressive. Tail lights in contrast to the front, have undergone dramatic changes, and only became led. Rav 4 2010 also decorated wheel disks of new design, and the body added three new colors.

Consider all the changes and feedback from the owners. First of all, they mark a qualitative change of the internal decoration:

 Toyota Rav 4 2013 options

Wheelbase now increased to 100 mm and equal 2660 mm, which allowed to increase the size of the salon (45 mm), the distance between the front and rear seats (65 mm) and, equally important, the Luggage capacity (130 HP) – now it is 540 liters.

The machine has two types of 4-cylinder gasoline engines:

Set transmissions updated:

Drive model year 2010 can be full or front. But the front is intended for cars with a 2-liter engine and a manual transmission six-speed transmission. Yes and it still inferior to the popularity of four-wheel drive versions. Established in the market for this version of Toyota Rav 4 price – 1,200,000 rubles. By the way, modern drivers, consider this price to be justified.

 Toyota Rav 4 2013 Luggage compartment

The new 4th generation Rav 4

At the end of 2012  the premiere of Toyota Rav 4 fourth generation, but as she got up to Russia only in the late spring of 2013, understandably talk about it too early. However, we note that the car now has the following types of engines:

Major changes were also the exterior and interior of innovations. Front Rav 4 is in proper for cars Toyota recent years simply decorated with emphasis on the bottom    back part of the car somehow reminds SUV Land Cruiser Prado. Besides, spare wheel on the fifth door now moved into the trunk. In the interior of the significant changes concerned the front panel, which became more  difficult", the car has got a new control unit and the new three-spoke steering wheel.

In addition, it should be said that the model of absolutely other settings steering and suspension, which, incidentally, so far, no comments, no cry. Another important change  is a diagram of a full drive, in which the distribution of the moment of the axes is now responsible  new system of Dynamic Torque Control 4WD.

At first glance, with the words already the first owners of the car is designed is of high quality, but many prefer to have all the same not to Express their opinion in advance. About driving performance, engines and everything else can be learned only after prolonged use.

 Toyota Rav 4 2013 spare wheel

Summarizing the review of operating experience of this car should be a pretty good attitude on the part of Russian consumers. Of course, each person finds in the car its pros and cons, however:

However, among the disadvantages is sometimes called the poor quality of the plastic used in interior decoration. But other drivers immediately draws attention to the fact that this problem occurs only on the models of the cheapest packages. In the rest of complaints does not occur.