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The famous "major roads"or what good Nissan patrol?

Production of a legendary Japanese SUV began back in 1951, when the plant of nissan released the first model designed for the needs of the army and police. Since then, generations changed the car, and the number of valid fans models have long counted in tens of thousands of people. Try to understand the reasons of such popularity, having familiarized with the real experience of many owners patrol.

Good old patrol

So, one of the most popular generations nissan patrol is a model gr manufactured since 1988. Externally, the car is a rectangle, but it was during these brutal features of it and loved drivers. To the true patrol – this put in the classic sense of the word, but because the vehicle is not suitable for those who are looking for a high level of comfort, a smooth ride and actually plans to use "iron horse» exclusively in urban conditions. Proceeding from this, we must understand that neither its appearance, nor the interior patrol 1988 was remarkable not. All motorists who've ever driven this car, confirm similar thesis:

Beauty, by the hotel owners, is quite modest but spacious. No problems with the free placement inside does not occur even among the passengers of a large size. But the main mass of views on patrol for his performance.

 Nissan patrol from 1988 to 1997.

Patrol gr fourth generation (namely such it was on the account) was offered with two motors on a choice:

Among our compatriots widespread diesel. First of all, this is because it was the fact that this engine had less fuel consumption (11-12 against 15 liters of gasoline; diesel fuel in those days, the cost is cheaper). Also diesel engine brilliantly proved itself in terms of reliability. According to the drivers, motor worked long and reliably even in the most severe conditions. And problems with the launch had he ever, if only not been flooded with low quality fuel.

The widespread use today patrol 1988 received in various jeep триалах, but also of Amateurs of hunting and fishing because of its powerful suspension of spiral springs is capable of, as they say motorists, to do the impossible. The only advice from drivers: if you want to Nissan patrol buy solely for the purpose of off-road use, then you should choose a three-door version.

Fifth generation

At the 1997 Frankfurt motor show demonstrated a new patrol gr. Changes are already evident at first sight: the car has completely changed its appearance. According to motorists, new appearance patrol even better conveys the true off-road character of the machine. By the way, in 2001 was held restyling of the car, and as a result he received an updated bumper with integrated foglights, a new chrome trim grille and some minor modifications.

 Nissan patrol 1997-2001.

Inside of the previous generation remained only steering wheel with four spokes. But, according to those holders who are familiar with the two generations at once, was located much closer to the driver, and it is possible to adjust the angle. In principle, speak Russian car owners, a beauty patrol fifth generation made no worse salon any normal car: very comfortable and lovely instrument panel, center armrest, neat door panels. Trim raises no objections, on the contrary, can only be heard good opinions. This involves a simple integration, and more expensive, including leather seat upholstery. Space inside the new patrol pretty much all the passengers can be accommodated without any problems, and things can be easily placed in a huge 2287-litre Luggage compartment.

Under the hood of this car can be installed with the following units:

All engines are combined with either a 5-speed mechanic or 6-speed automatic. And again distribution we got exactly diesel engines for the mentioned quality.

With regard to the off-road abilities of the car, then here it becomes evident, based on the nicknames that patrol received from drivers: General road use. And indeed, equal to him, in fact, not.

As they say owners, this function enabled "General" calmly conquer the roads due to the greater adhesion of the wheels with the surface. The car, as before, possesses a powerful лонжеронной frame, box spring suspension. Also, you can now include a full drive straight while driving. All this and let earn patrol’of such a high rank among motorists. No emergency problems during the operation of these models does not occur, except for one: the first cars (1998 edition) may suffer "disease" engine, if the previous owner was not provided with the proper care. In the rest of the patrol simple and only requires regular care, like any other car.

 Nissan patrol 2001-2010.


Presentation of the latest version of the patrol was held in Abu Dhabi in 2010. Eyewitnesses of this event noted that in General terms to formulate the concept of a new car can be as follows:

The changes affected the internal and external design, technical characteristics of the car. SUV considerably has changed in appearance: form it became more anti-aliased, are no sharp transitions. This gave the car a swiftness, lightness. For this reason, many motorists say that the new generation of their disappointment, as the machine became more urban than in non-road.

Nissan has grown considerably in size, instead of not cut bridges acquired an independent spring suspension, kept frame body structure. But the frame and its elements have changed, for example, the power frame, located in the doorway of the back door is now closed on the body design. Such changes were necessary, as they allow to reduce the vibration level and create a zone of plastic deformation, which is very important for passive safety.

Engine patrol 2010 only gasoline volume 5,6 HP He is a 400-strong. With regard to fuel consumption, he 14.5 litres in combined cycle driving in the city ’ 20,6 liters. Complement acts automatic 7-band transmission modes speeds switch manually. Russian buyers of the latest generation, not so much because of the new Nissan patrol price exceeds 3,000,000 rubles, and the features of the former might not have survived. Therefore, our drivers are advised to purchase patrol the previous one, the fifth generation.

 Nissan patrol 2010. by N.V.

Nissan patrol 2013, according to the drivers, reflected all the modern trends of the market of hire of a class of  the jeep». As they say, the owners, the technical equipment of the new auto claims no, because all the technology of modern, reliable and effective. Here only the spirit of the car, is not the one…