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The history of purchasing the Jeep Vrangler and features of this car

Once I wanted to buy some unusual car for a reasonable price, but yet with a good off-road capabilities. After much thought, studying the vast amount of information and feedback my choice stopped on one of the most interesting and really industrious SUVs – on vranglere. After that I became literally bit by bit to gather any useful information about this car, and now I can present some advice that will help find the right vrangler.

 My Jeep Vrangler front view

What you need to know, examining the appearance vranglera?

It is clear that the acquisition of auto starts with a visual acquaintance with him, whether to view the models in the auto center, on the market or proglyadyvanie photos on various websites. What I want to note on the exterior vranglera? First of all, when buying clearly decide what year of manufacture will be your car. Depends on many factors, the main of which is the condition of a body.

If anyone knows, issued vrangler since 1991, and this means that on the machines of the year, and indeed almost all vranglerah over the age of 13-15 years will be  the bugs", rust or something like that. I looked jeeps different years, and the owners have told me that corrosion sooner or later catches up with all models.

Such a nasty feature is characteristic for many cars, but someone has to push, so be aware of this. One motorist even shared with me his personal experience: he said that from rust its not save full painted the body. As it stands, by the way, a lot of – about 1,000 of the “green”. Therefore, when buying, first of all, evaluate the condition of the body, not to have to later fly on the solid sum of money. The rest can only recommend to the normal rules for choosing a car:

Yes, by the way, be prepared to yet another body features: loop back door very quickly shattered under the weight of too large, spare wheel, therefore, immediately after the purchase it is better to replace.

Still play a certain role in the gaps between the individual elements of the body, but this in no way makes itself felt on external inspection. Therefore, let us consider the salon, more precisely, those peculiarities that need to know.

 My Jeep Vrangler rear view

Inspection of the salon

Let me begin with some General recommendations:

After all this note on the joints of body parts. We talked about this above. The matter is that due to the particular construction of the vehicle, the cracks were big enough. For this reason, rain or snow will chase You even inside the machine. The solution is to use conventional seal. But if You are not ready, then leave their intention of buying vranglera.

 My Jeep Vrangler beauty

What engine you choose?

A number of engines of vranglera for all years of issue comprised decent: ranging from 2.5-liter unit with 118 forces early years to the newest 200-strong engines of 3.8 HP

Choose one specific and say he's better than the rest, will be inexcusable and very unfair to the American manufacturer. Therefore, when buying just get a "iron horse" and listen to the work of the motor: there should be no noise, knock and other sound advice, in addition to his native non-agressive rumble. Though, honestly, it is very difficult to  the ditch" engine vranglera, because he "is powered by  any gasoline quality and very reliable and very easy to maintain.

When you are sure that with the unit's all right, drive a little away. The only way You can display only on the go. I doubt that any seller agrees to go on the roads, where you could really try this small, but powerful "of the beast". But even a simple trip to the city will allow You to assess the car. One should consider the following:

In matters of management vrangler unremarkable, has no singularities, so just try to turn around a couple of times to evaluate the quality of the functioning of the steering wheel, to feel the dimensions of the car.

 My Jeep Vrangler engine

And now – take the final decision

Having examined, selected my car, sitting inside and even a ride. I decided to buy a jeep vrangler, because it is really worth it. But before Your direct acquisition want to  to make the following recommendations:

Here, in principle, all that you need to pay attention when buying this, I dare say, the legendary off-roader. In the end I want to add this:

Not suitable, for example, “a stripped-down" the old version without a roof for those who want year-round ride in a jeep, and Vice versa. If You and this moment will be taken into account, purchased vrangler will become for You a truly reliable friend for a long time.