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The lineup of SUVs and crossovers Mercedes-Benz

The history of Mercedes SUVs

The first Mercedes SUV became famous model G-Model Gelandewagen. Initially the car was conceived as a technique for the army, but fate decreed otherwise, and he became famous on the civilian market. Now it's Maybach among SUVs.

In 1972, the company decided to create a small-scale SUV - 10 thousand a year, which appealed to the Austrian company Steyr, which at that time had a lot of experience in the production of all-wheel drive technology.

 G-Model Gelandewagen

Only in 1994 that the car had been in the army Bundeswehr. He could boast of excellent performance and high at the time level of comfort.

In the early 80's due to the fact that the Shah of Iran was overthrown, an order for 460-th model Gelenwagen was cancelled and the company had to alter the car under the civilian market. Was produced from 1979 to 1991 and had two versions: a car with a solid roof and fabric and folding windshield. It was compact and small three-door car.

Since 1991, began the production of 461 and 463 model Gelenwagen, which are produced in our days. The first model has remained a classic SUV, but the second converted into urban use. If desired, you can modify the car and even make it armored. Now many tuning shop is engaged in the refining and sale.

 Mercedes G 461

In 1997 was representative of the M-series (W163 body, which was assembled in Alabama and was sent to the North American market. In 2001 was restyled, and since 2005, went into production in the second version the W164 body. Now comes the third generation, which went into production in 2011.

 Mercedes M-series in the back W163

In 2006 the model range of Mercedes joined the GL-class. He acted as an extended version of the M-class (body 164) and had to replace Gelentwagen, however, due to the immense popularity of the old car, it was decided to increase it even more and fit in the 3rd row of seats. In 2008 the car has received the injection, and in 2009 passed restyling. In 2012, the series went the second generation.

 Mercedes GL class 2006

In 2008 represented GLK-class. It was a mid-size SUV, which was developed on the basis of the universal S204. In 2012 was restyled.

Now is also a crossover GLA-class is based on the hatchback A-class and SUV GLE-class, which is built on a base coupe C-class.

The lineup of SUVs and crossovers Mercedes

This legendary Gelentwagen, which from a military SUV was transformed into a town car premium segment. Stylish car with moderate angular exterior. Spacious interior lined with high quality leather and has a fairly large area of glazing. For a comfortable ride includes a standard filling for premium. The base petrol engine has 388 HP, but you can set tuned or at 544 612 HP and diesel is at 211 HP transmission only automatic, but automatic transmission AMG. Fans of off-road cars will be pleased with permanent all-wheel drive, but complete low profile wheels need to be replaced. Price from 5 100 000 for the base, and the AMG version 9 100 000.


Stylish car with a common external design that caught all models of Mercedes. The interior includes high-quality leather and plastic and has a standard for this class of car. Eye-catching also it makes a huge size, and a third row of seats, making it a great choice for those who travel not only himself, but also large companies. There is a diesel engine with 258 HP and gasoline 435 and 557 (AMG) horsepower. Equipped with basic or sports automatic transmission. Permanent all-wheel drive will help with control in any weather. Price from 4 200 000.

 Mercedes GL-class

Mid-size SUV, which has a similar on Gelentwagen design, but with rounded shapes that are ideal for lovers of modern cars with features of the legendary classics. The interior also features a leather lining, and dashboard style resembles that of the G-class. Toppings include 8-airbags, Parking sensors, multimedia system, climate control and many other useful options. Has one petrol engine with 305 HP and also the only 7-speed automatic transmission. Division AMG hand this car is not made. The reputation of the SUV supports high-quality permanent all-wheel drive. Price from 1 990 990.

 Mercedes GLK-class

The car is built on the basis of A-class, and has a stylish and squat design with a sporty twist. The salon includes a high quality finish and is typical for premium toppings, and the overall design supports the sporty style of a city car. Can be fitted with a modest, but economical diesel engine with 136 HP petrol or 156, 211 or 360(AMG) horsepower. But the gearbox is different from the one in other SUVs Mercedes - automatic 7-speed gearbox with paddle shifters. Has a simplified switchable four-wheel drive, which is typical for crossovers. Price from 1 690 000.

 Mercedes GLA-class

Built on the basis of C-class and resembles the M-series from BMW. The car has a sporty engine and 9 speed manual gearbox AMG, and four-wheel drive is only designed to maintain the stability of motion. Car enthusiasts will enjoy the luxury and drive fast. The model is quite fresh, so the price and the exact characteristics for the Russian market has not been formulated.

 Mercedes GLE class

Concludes range Mercedes  premium, has a fairly discreet but stylish design as the exterior and interior. Insides for a safe and comfortable ride remains the standard for the class. Equipped with petrol engines 306 and 408 HP and two KP, which presents one automatic and robotized gearbox with paddle shifters. Despite sports focus, has systems that are designed to reduce fuel consumption. Price from 3 150 000.

 Mercedes M-class