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The Mitsubishi ash - car with a strong character

Ultra advanced technical car Mitsubishi ash – this SUV class ’K1». It has a front or plug wheel drive. One of the most important world premieres restyled version of the vehicle was a motor show in new York in the first half of 2012. Debut European release was in September of the same year, but was in Paris.

Interior and exterior

Bright exterior design Mitsubishi ASX unique, though designed in the style of the models of this brand. Japanese SUV has acquired a wedge-shaped body and a special trapezoidal grille. Aggressive and expressive headlights got chrome trim. Behind the lower part of the bumper reflectors are rounded.  

Spacious salon Mitsubishi ASX peculiar aristocratic comfort and unique design. Trimmed the inside of the machine quality materials. Employees the company has managed to create the most ergonomic seats, so even in the long journeys neither the driver nor the passengers do not experience any discomfort.

 Model 2012

Light steering wheel is equipped with all necessary functions. If necessary, you can adjust its position. On the steering column stalk are the petals gear. Rotary washer set modes is presented in the form of a button. Of technical equipment especially noteworthy is the latest in climate control and modern audio system.

Tuning Mitsubishi ash that happened in 2013, brought to directionsby ASX such external differences, as updated fascia hexagonal lattice. Also the car has received an upgraded optics with special led elements. Inside reveals a slightly updated steering wheel, new materials.

 Model 2013

Multimedia Mitsubishi ash received  a 6.1-inch color touchscreen display. Thoroughly repurposed. Rear independent suspension used reinforced shock absorbers, other longitudinal levers and silent blocks.  the Platform of the car remained the same – marking GS. Revision underwent primary rack front stabilizer bar.

The Mitsubishi ash 2013 after the improvements obtained in the model 2015 CVT with an advanced variation of the gear ratio. This had a favourable effect on the dynamics of movement and economy. Version of the machine under the marking Instyle, Ultimate and Exclusive have led running lights and 17 " wheels modern design.


An updated version of the car was well received by buyers. Indicates that stable growth of sales of this model. Many analysts believe that the updates of previous years will not remain without attention of consumers. But what is important now is that the car has become more economical. Moreover, increased dynamic characteristics without displaying on the price.


Restyled ASX built on the platform of their predecessors, but engineers have upgraded the rear suspension works. This gave the driving comfort. Still and dimensions machine: length corresponds 4295 mm, width size amounted to 1770 mm height - 1625 mm While wheelbase 2670 mm

Unlike Mitsubishi ASX 2012 release, the secret of dynamic auto a new generation is all-wheel drive system with electric control. All-wheel drive transmission has improved due to the development and implementation of innovative technologies. The uniqueness of the system lies in the ability to adapt to the unique characteristics of the road surface or weather conditions.

By means of the switch on the floor console, select the necessary mode from a more economical 2WD to a more consumable 4WD Lock. Thanks to the transitions and the result is  perfect handling. Depending on the type of motor and drive, the model of the car can be equipped with five or six mechanics, or variator.

 The trunk of a car

The complete set of Mitsubishi ash may be represented by one of the power units:

Clubs ASX

To find out more information on car visiting any online club Mitsubishi ash. There on the forums or on separate pages of the site you can find answers to any questions related to this model of the machine. Clubs ASX specially created for visitors who are the owners of this car and the people who are going to buy a Mitsubishi.

Clubs ASX:

 The beauty of Mitsubishi ash

Prices for models of various modifications

If you try, you can buy Mitsubishi ash - bright and vibrant urban crossover at the price in 729 000 RUB – a real find. This basic configuration will be air conditioning, full power accessories and other options. This value corresponds to the auto white (W12). Single Supplement (color is 14 000 – 20 000 rubles.

In Russia went on sale Mitsubishi ASX 2015 on model year. Radical or significant changes, as we already know, the car was not received. There were only external, internal, and technical improvements. Price on Mitsubishi ash 2015 edition starts with a mark in 749 000 Russian rubles. As you can see, she was the same that was installed on directionsbuy model, is it going to last a long time – a question.