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The new crossover from Chevrolet

American manufacturer presented its new SUV in 2006. As is known, Chevrolet created the world's first SUV, Wherefore the name of the car is associated primarily with powerful, heavy and massive jeeps. But trends of the modern market require the production of compact all-wheel drive vehicles, all known under a kind of nickname "паркетники». An adequate response to the wishes of consumers by Americans made primarily Chevrolet Captiva.

The model represents a 5 or 7-seater crossover, embodied in the best traditions of the Chevrolet brand, and, on the other, innovative technological solutions. Over the years production car has undergone a number of changes in this connection let us consider the main characteristics of the initial version of Каптивы (incidentally, the name is translated from Italian as "the imprisoned"), and then we shall familiarize with the most significant news of the latest model.

The first "captive»

So, the first Captiva received slightly rude, courageous shape, classically framed by a large icon of the brand. From a design standpoint, interest were unusual fog headlights and taillights, completed the image of two huge exhaust pipes.

 Chevrolet Captiva 2013 front view

At that time the Russian consumer offered a choice of two petrol engines:

Both motors combined only with four-wheel drive version, but allow installation or mechanics or automatic gearbox at the discretion of the buyer. Although it should be considered that a rear-wheel drive in a car Chevrolet Captiva connected electronically in the case, when the front wheels't cope with it.

In 2011, the car has undergone serious side processing designers, especially the range of engines. After upgrading the drivers had a choice among 4 engines, комбинирующихся with a 6-speed manual gearbox (machine began to offer as an option):

Note the high quality of new diesel engines having a lower compression ratio, and therefore are more powerful. Fuel consumption of these engines was 6.4 liters per one hundred in the mixed cycle.

As in the first modification, the updated Captiva operated connecting the rear wheels via e-coupling. Now, however, full drive, combined with the anti-lock braking and stability systems to ensure maximum control on the road.

Appearance has also changed due to the new front bumper, giving the car a more aggressive look. Modernization has undergone front optics, rear lights, grille, side mirrors, body painting and form of disks. All these innovations significantly refreshed design and have done Chevrolet even more attractive.

Interior decoration with an American accent

Now look inwards каптивы 2006 to appreciate its beauty. Here we should pay tribute to the Americans: beauty thought out completely to every detail, no frills, but no simplicity. Finish the really high-quality and raises no objections. Among the advantages of the salon also:

 Chevrolet Captiva 2013 rear view

In spite of the compact, the first Captiva has considerable Luggage compartment volume of which makes 769 liters when the rear seats folded – the whole 1565 liters. For carrying long loads, you can open the glass on the rear doors.

In the original version, there were picking Chevrolet Captiva: basic and advanced. The first consisted of 6 airbags, a system of exchange rate stabilization, air conditioning, mp3 recorder and alloy wheells on 17 inches. The second version is supplemented with foglights, cruise control, trip computer, heated front seats, leather salons and already 18-inch wheels.

In General, serious shortcomings beauty had, however, after the update appeared in 2011 some pleasant innovations. So, seats equipped with side support, and the Central console acquired LCD display with broadcasting navigation and rear-view by a new camera. In addition, the standard was also provide for rain and light sensors, power mirrors, and much more.

But it's all just an enumeration of the technical characteristics and the description of models. Much more valuable information and provide feedback owners of Chevrolet Captiva.

Drew Captiva before the update?

Special attention and competent approach requires the engine Chevrolet Captiva first generation. As mentioned above, initially in Russia were available only for petrol engines. Now the 2.4-liter delight by drivers is not, because his power is obviously not enough for the vehicle a weight of 1.8 tons, while fuel consumption is about 14 liters in the city. Six-cylinder same motor and works better and pleasure brings from the drive. It is fair to say that both engines provide каптиве sufficient for an instant at the start, even if the model with a manual transmission.

Accolades of car owners deserve also:

 Chevrolet Captiva 2013 beauty

Of the minuses of technical equipment are:

With regard to the salon, the majority of owners celebrate its convenience, practicality, space. The absolute advantage of the interior is the presence of a significant number of various boxes at hand. Interior lighting also causes approval: amount of lighting elements more than adequate. However, there are disadvantages, namely: low level of sound insulation and poor heating system.

For information, we note that the average market value of the model 2006 is about 600-650 thousand in the basic configuration.

And on the scene, diesel

After the change of the auto wide interest began to call Chevrolet Captiva diesel, only shining on the domestic market. And, according to those who buy such a car, the model is fully justified the expectations.

First of all, a huge plus diesel variants acts agility of the car. On the way he manifests himself unexpectedly wild, rapid and serious beast in itself a good sense of these words. Particularly beneficial owners speak about 184-strong engine, indicating that it is surprising working cravings and hot temperament.

With all this updated Captiva become much softer than its predecessor, which, of course, was another advantage in the category «comfort». The convenience was also affected by new upholstery, which is a skin in combination with cloth of high quality and accurate finishing of plastic.

One should distinguish the perfect working of the automatic transmission Chevrolet Captiva, although fans of self gear will also be served.

Among the shortcomings of the drivers are called:

But, probably, the situation on the market will change the latest version of the Chevrolet?

 Chevrolet Captiva 2013 rear row of seats

Work above mistakes?

The new Chevrolet Captiva was presented this year at the Geneva motor show. First of all, the changes affected the appearance of the car. Restyling were bumper, grille, section protivotumanok, taillights, wheels. Inside the cabin changed the dashboard, making it even more convenient and readable.

In the range of engines amendments: still offered two diesel and two petrol engines. Former there were and transmission.

Advanced equipment has been added possibility of installing heated rear seats, двухзонного climate control, functions of the push-button start the engine and excellent multimedia system with display with a diameter of 7 inches and voice control.

Special attention was paid to safety of the driver and passengers:

For quite understandable reasons, these new "паркетником" owns a relatively small number of people and thus opinions too much. However, it is possible to allocate the following most important points concerning каптивы this year:

For those who want to buy this car in Russia, important will the following information: company's representatives announced that the start of sales of Chevrolet Captiva 2013 issue in Russia is scheduled for November of this year and prices will remain at the same level (1 375 000 rubles for maximum filling).