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The operating experience of Chevrolet Niva

The history of model

Engineers began to think about replacing obsolete "Fields" back in the 1980's. However, the development was delayed for many years. A new prototype appeared in 1998, several years passed before Volzhsky automobile plant began small-scale production of the car.

Unlike its predecessor, the new machine had a more modern and sleek, and the spare wheel was moved to the trunk. However, the engine compartment was less because of what had to develop a new carburetor.

 Car Chevrolet Niva

To start the serial production of new cars, the Volga automobile plant it was necessary to find a sponsor. It took an American company ’General Motors.  For the production of a new car company was founded "GM-AVTOVAZ. 

However, the issue again had to be postponed because American engineers decided that it was necessary to carry out work to eliminate some of the shortcomings of existing car.

The car was launched in mass production and was officially named the Chevrolet Niva. However, due to the increased price he was never able to fully replace the old Field.

 Lada 4x4

Since the release of the vehicle has not changed dramatically, but gradually acquired new equipment. For example, received air conditioning, ABS, airbags, etc. In 2009 underwent a restyling. However, any significant changes in the design or external appearance was not, as is commonly accepted in the West.

Main features

Externally the car looks quite nice. This rounded design in the style of his time. When this external finishing with nothing to go on the road and perform the role of an SUV. However, Chevrolet Niva has deteriorated a bit after restyling:

 The Design Of Chevrolet Niva

Of course, it's not really a big problem, but they didn't exist before. It is also worth noting that the machine was still cuter.

The salon is fairly succinctly. Here abounds in cheap plastic and fabric upholstery, but in the most expensive configuration instead of the fabric is synthetic leather, and on the ceiling will appear and a small compartment for glasses. Also on the ceiling there are several ceiling lighting.

 Beauty Chevrolet Niva

Between the seats is located two Cup holders and a compartment for different things. There you can find the lever to the gearbox and the control lever transfer case.

A new three-spoke steering wheel is quite simple, it has no controls. All controls in the car performed quite simply that only facilitates their understanding. There is a front airbag for the driver and one for passenger and seat belt pretensioners, if you pay for advanced features.

 The car Chevrolet Niva

The rear seats are hard and can be developed that will allow the well to increase the volume of the trunk. The back door can be fixed in several positions that will allow you to fully unlock the potential of the trunk.

Technical specifications and safety

This petrol VAZ engine, whose power is only 80 horsepower and torque equal 127,4 Nm. The maximum rate is officially estimated at 140 km/H. of Course, these characteristics in our time, the imagination is not amazing, but its duties SUV car handles great. The consumption of gasoline declared within 8.8 liters on the highway and 14 liters in the city. The figures are disappointing, as many modern SUVs are much more economical.

 The Engine Of Chevrolet Niva

Gearbox 5-speed. Drive the car full-time, but the transfer case allows you to lock the center differential. It is possible to downshift.

 SUV Chevrolet Niva

The first thing that is worth mentioning is the permanent four-wheel drive, which will help to avoid drifts in icy conditions or in heavy rain. The car has power steering and ABS. Equipped with a single driver's airbag and one passenger. There is also a pre-tensioning of the belts.

The rear of the car has a beam axle and front split. Thus, he copes with off-road and has a pretty smooth move, especially when compared with classic SUV.

 Technical specifications of Chevrolet Niva

Equipment and prices

As with all cars –  price of Chevrolet Niva optional, of which there are only five:

 The Vehicle

The conclusions.

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