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The operating experience of Toyota Land Cruiser

A century and a half before recognition

The origins of the popularity and recognition of the car Toyota land cruiser back to the second half of the nineteenth century. The company's founder Toyoda Enterprise - inventor and businessman Sakichi Toyoda made a major invention in its life - loom G-loom. Thus was laid the Foundation of financial security of the Toyoda family. His son Kiichiro Toyoda in the pre-war 1930s signed with the British contract on the transfer of patent rights on the machine of the father.

Coming from agrarian Japan in industrial England, he was struck by a car. When he returned, he began to build the first prototype Toyota with index A1 was presented by the end of 1936. Four-door sedan at the time constructively represented a combination of standard solutions borrowed from American cars. A year later he released a series of identical model AA.

 Toyota A1

The prototype utilitarian passenger SUV Japanese designers created after the Second world war. The basis of the first model Toyota Jeep with index BJ (actually 10 series) was put American military Jeep. Spartan car was not recognized and does not compete with American. He was shifted to the markets "left" countries: upgraded platform, updated design, added comfort and offered to civilians. Actually, you should immediately realize that it was a SUV.

 Toyota Jeep BJ

 Toyota Land Cruiser 20

Land Cruiser or Land Cruiser"

With positions Thrifty car owner the greatest interest now appears to Prado third generation (index 120) and the fourth (with index 150). Really: "120" in the good in Russia can set the price to 1, 7 million rubles, the choice of many stops on the secondary market) because you can give your preference to the engine type, body type and type of transmission. From scratch "150" will be more expensive, but also on his wish will be. Fast house on wheels with smooth operation. Essentially all of the truck with a large Luggage compartment, not passenger cars.

 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2010 completed on wheelbase J120. In the manufacture of the body has been applied to sheet steel. The body is mounted on the frame side members, which is fantastic in the mud. Rails and sleepers made stamped from sheet steel. Body style - station wagon, length - 4800 cm width, height - 1 to 900 cm clearance - 22 see the Last modification of the Land Cruiser Prado is available in two versions: 3-door with a short base and 5-door with an extended base. Beauty korotkobaznaya version designed for a 5-seat, long-wheelbase version includes 7 seats.

 Salon Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Adjusting the distance between the steering column and driver's seat enough for tall people. Rear seat backs are adjustable. A 7-seater version of the jump seat adore to sit the children. When driving on bumpy bumpy road or on rough ditches the road is very easy to maintain a constant speed without pressing on the brake before holes and rails, only adding gas.

 SUV Toyota land Cruiser Prado

Automodello Pro specifications

The car is equipped with power units:

Model Land Cruiser Prado 2010 can be fitted with a 5-speed automatic or 6-speed "mechanics". The machine is constantly all-wheel drive, only added the new electronic system, for example, Crawl Control, Multi-terrain Select. The machine weighs 2.5 tons. Driving the Land Cruiser special.

 Toyota Land Cruiser

When Congress thumb of the road car is reincarnated in the jeep Toyota land cruiser, he becomes the master. The driver witnesses a flowing move, knowing that makes the machine, and easily adjusting its movement. For off-road machine was created here and the Land Cruiser is the Lord.

 Dzhip Toyota land Cruiser Prado

The nature of Japanese moveable very simple, it is the motor, gearbox and drive type.

The operating experience

New Toyota land cruiser is very reliable. Only any item has its own resource, the manner of riding sometimes reduces the specified resource. Here are a few notable failures that mark the owners of the SUV, and tips of those owners manual:

 Toyota Land Cruiser

The owner of this "iron horse" may include heated windscreen, cruise control, climate control, and navigation, and many other useful handy devices. Toyota land cruiser will prove to you that capacity, dynamics and comfort may be the merits of one car.