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The operating experience UAZ Patriot

A bit of history

The history of this SUV began in 2001. Then was presented a new model built on the basis of the model UAZ ’Simbar». At that time the names of the new items was not yet he appeared as UAZ-T. But to present it presented a new SUV, but with mass production is not yet in a hurry. The first batch of UAZ Patriot went into mass production in 2005.


After the start of production Patriot every year getting some updates and improvements, but a full restyling to call them was difficult.

Full first restyling UAZ Patriot was only in 2012. Then it was made just enough changes in the technical part of the car, and added equipment in the cabin. And again, despite restyling, next year the car was again subjected to modifications.

 UAZ Patriot 2005

The second restyling of the model is not forced to wait, the updated model SUV UAZ Patriot appeared in 2014. That is now UAZ Patriot, will be discussed below.

 UAZ Patriot 2012

Main features of the new UAZ Patriot

Ongoing restyling on the concept SUV is in no way influenced.

 UAZ Patriot 2014

Characteristics and indicators of UAZ Patriot 2014 model year:

Some parameters can have two values because some picking from the available optional equipment increase the size of the car. On the same curb weight is affected by the type of engine. About the configurations and power units – below.

 UAZ Patriot 2014 and 2012 model year

Externally the new Patriot looks very impressive. The last restyling brought a lot of improvements, significantly improving the appearance.

The front of the car is decorated with an elaborate plastoy grille with curved horizontal lines and srednesetevoj net. Close to the lattice fit head lights, too difficult form and with a small influx on the wings. In the headlights, integrated running lights, and fashionable led.

 The appearance of UAZ Patriot

Well processed and bumper. On it, as before, there is a square slot air inlets. But for the fog lamps have made stylistic niches with horizontal stripes. On top of the lower part of the bumper installed plastic protection.

The back also has changed, but not so much. From alterations in the rear of the car is clearly visible new container for spare tire and new rear light units, also with the influx on the wings. Technical changes at the rear part of the car it should be noted the appearance of transverse stabilizer.

 New UAZ Patriot - rear view

The salon was transformed too bad. Several redid the dash Board, although it remained an analog-to-digital because there is an onboard computer.

On the same monitor displays and the image from the rear camera.

 The beauty of the new UAZ Patriot

For people in the back seat provided by the ducts climate system. Front seats have a wide range of adjustments, as well as the backs of the front seats can recline back, forming together with the rear seat is pretty good ’beds».

As before, UAZ patriot is offered with two powertrains. The first is the petrol unit with 2.7 liters of volume, the second – diesel from 2.3 liters. The power rating of the gasoline engine – 128 HP, diesel provides 113 "horses" output.

Both units operate with a manual transmission with 5 speed transmission. Handings is a 2-speed, manage – electric.

 The power plant of the new UAZ Patriot

With the gasoline engine under the hood Patriot speeds up to 150 km/h, and with diesel – up to 135 km/h the Average consumption of gasoline – 11.5 liters and diesel fuel – 9.5 liters.

 SUV UAZ Patriot

A New UAZ Patriot in the following trim levels: base "classic", "Comfort" top "limited". The equipment base model includes:

Two other configuration provides a much better vehicle.

 Specifications UAZ Patriot 2014

Another indisputable advantage of the UAZ is their cost. So, for the cheapest version of UAZ Patriot need to put 679 thousand rubles. the Most expensive version of this SUV will cost 819 thousand rubles

Positive and negative qualities UAZ Patriot

All this, of course, good, but how this SUV is good, can only be judged on what they say are available on the UAZ Patriot owner reviews.

As before, the new UAZ patriot 2014 user reviews complain about poor build quality. While our manufacturers are unable to provide high-quality Assembly.

 Owner reviews about UAZ Patriot 2014

From running performance is poor handling car, although many on this issue indicate a bad rubber, which "goes" UAZ Patriot from the factory. When replacing the rubber on quality – the problem disappears.

 UAZ Patriot - pros and cons

There are positive reviews on the UAZ Patriot. Celebrate good design and spaciousness, chosen engines, comfortable suspension. And again, we all prefer high maintainability and simplicity car.