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The relevance of all-wheel drive vehicles in our country

Full drive and its types

Under the four-wheel-drive car is called the vehicle, where are leading both axes. The advantages of this car have been particularly pronounced on a slippery road, ice or rain. A car with four-wheel drive less logs in turns, it better "keeps the  road and braking it is more effective. He stalled when the beginning of the movement and takes acceleration immediately, regardless of what coverage under the wheels.

As we have said, - wheel drive all-wheel drive cars  are all four, but it's not so easy, because there are three types of four-wheel drive vehicles and some of them do not allow you to name the car-wheel-drive.

 A system of full drive a car

Summing up all said above, we can say that choosing a car with four-wheel drive, you should thoroughly understand its type. It may be that instead of the advertised vehicle, you sell the car, proudly called SUV, with all its disadvantages, such as a reduced level of comfort, reduced trunk, increased fuel consumption and losses in dynamics, but actually it is not. Most modern "all-wheel drive" cars such as KIA Sportage or Grand Cherokee struggle to cope with a simple primer, what if to try them on this off-road, better not be.

The need in all-wheel drive

Having dealt with the views of a full drive, we can say that the best of them is, of course, full-time. Only its presence can guarantee real patency in cases when it is really needed. And as you know Russia has always had the problem with roads, and therefore a full drive was always in the price. In the times of socialism for the population was the only option available all-wheel drive car VAZ - 21213 Niva, this version is now quite popular among priced cars.

At present the problem of purchase of all-wheel drive vehicle virtually disappeared, the choice is huge, but there was a need? Yes, she was left, and there are some good reasons:

 AWD cars on the roads

The second side of the medal of all-wheel drive auto

Certainly, all-wheel drive vehicle is in the eyes of others more prestigious, because the owner has by definition greater potential in terms of travel on the road. However, what keeps people from buying all-wheel drive vehicle?

Previously, as their lack called reduced comfort of movement, but today modern brand four-wheel drive cars have a spacious lounge, equipped not worse than his моноприводных fellows. Main limiting factor is the cost of the car with all-wheel drive and its operation. Economical SUV has never been their Forte, and if it is limited financial side of the issue, then the choice is, of course, will be made not in favor of the four-wheel drive versions.

Spare wheel drive vehicles, rates have also not the cheapest, of course, unless we take into account the Oise twenty years ago. The price of the car is as above, if we compare the traditional drive and complete, especially if the latter belongs to a class full-time, that is, are equipped with a center differential and other devices, усложняющими structure of the vehicle.

 AWD cars on city roads

And all the same all-wheel drive vehicle in the conditions of our roads – this is not a luxury but a means to reach the destination at the appointed time with minimal time and effort, and while the situation with roads in the country will not change, SUVs will be relevant.