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The secret of popularity of Toyota land cruiser 100

SUV Toyota land cruiser 100 was introduced in 1997 at the international Tokyo motor show, the first sales started in early 1998. In 2003 SUV has undergone a facelift, but since 2008 Land cruiser 100 replaced by a new model of Toyota land cruiser 200. However, cruiser 100 remembered by many motorists as a reliable, safe and high-quality car. Let us see, how he hooked his fans.

 Land Cruiser 100

Interior and exterior of the SUV

Car's appearance combines a certain representativeness and sportiness. Large body endowed not дюжей powerful and refined beauty: this cocktail makes it perfect. Style universal, it is relevant for both youth and for those who are older. It is worth noting that the producers of the covered body of the car anticorrosive composition, so the appearance of rust is possible even when operating machines in the most severe conditions.

 Land cruiser 100 rear view

Impressive appearance of Toyota Land Крузера 100 supplemented interior design, which combines the inherent oversized vehicles vastness of the cabin with the comfort of a luxury class cars. Here is striking considerably increased legroom, as well as the huge space of the upper part of the automobile. Seats are a special beauty and practicality, they are difficult to stain, and fit them can be up to five people. In some versions of included and optional seats. They are installed at the rear. With their help, the car can take place already not five, and seven people, but even in this case, a Luggage space abound.

 Land cruiser 100 beauty

Characteristics of the car

The manufacturer offers two variants of the engine for the land cruiser 100: gasoline and diesel.

The first powerful unit V-neck, differs the high technical characteristics, cost effectiveness and crazy dynamics. Four-stroke gasoline engine, and works in conjunction with automatic transmission. Its volume – 4.7 litres, 32 valve confidently pulled machine, developing torque of up to 434 N•m at 3800 rpm to accelerate To 100 km/h, stuffing need to 10.7 seconds, maximum SUV can develop a speed of 175 km/H. the Developers took into account gluttonous temper land cruiser (16 l / 100 km), therefore integrated in her latest management system.

No limit to perfection, so the second engine variant – the six-cylinder diesel engine with turbo charging. The volume of this motor is 4.2 liters, it is more efficient and reliable. To the unit developed a great power, the manufacturer has established the intercooler and turbocharger. Now at 3400 rpm car develops a power output of up to 150 kW and a torque of up to 430 H•M. This version comes with both automatic and manual transmission. In the first case, the car has a top speed of 175 km/h, in the second – up to 170 km/H. To the speedometer showed 100 km/h, will need to 13.1 seconds. Pleases and consumption – turbodiesel not greedy to drive 100 km average need to 11 liters.

 Land cruiser 100 engine

As for the geometrical indicators  cruiser 100, they are:

 Land cruiser 100 transmission

Loaded outstanding auto

A special point worth noting-equipment of Toyota land cruiser 100: owner reviews mostly positive, even in the basic version have everything you need modern motorist:

 Land cruiser 100 steering wheel

In addition, the basic equipment includes air conditioning, which can be automatic or mechanical temperature control. There are also two sockets at voltage 12 Century, With their help, you can connect a refrigerator, vacuum cleaner or charging for mobile phone.

Music lovers will be pleasantly surprised at the internal radio. It is equipped with sound system, in which there are six impressive speakers. Four of them mounted in the door, while the remaining two – near the exterior mirrors. In the audio system is provided by two antennas: main and auxiliary. The first to search for radio stations, the second for the output of tape RDS. There are in the car CD changer, although this is optional. May operate six CD disks simultaneously.

The model is protected from theft, it is quite reliable electronic immobilizer. When trying to start the car, bypassing the factory system, the device disconnects the power supply and the supply of fuel. It works on the principle of comparing a unique code and signal defendant key.

 Land cruiser 100 options

Furthermore, the vehicle is equipped with modern security systems, the main among them are:

The peculiarity of the machine safety in that the collision of injury to the driver pushing the steering column is impossible as it is equipped with a special plate, which absorbs the impact.

 Land cruiser 100 armrest


Controllability and maneuverability

Toyota Land cruiser 100 is equipped with permanent four-wheel drive and gearbox low and high reduction ratio to facilitate off-road driving. However, this  search of ways to improve cross absolutely not affect the vehicle's handling and comfort during a trip through asphalt road.

The car easily toured the obstacles, skillfully included in the turns without body roll and drift. Machine literally eats the bumps in the road, not uttering a single sound. And independent front suspension, which uses a rigid design with dual вильчатыми levers, paired with a positive steering control improves the ability of the car even when moving at maximum speed.

It is worth noting that Toyota Land Cruiser 100 deserved recognition because of their excellent driving qualities and reliability in off-road conditions.

 Land cruiser 100 maneuverability

What they say owners?

From a half to three million rubles depending on the year of – the optimal price of Toyota land cruiser 100: diesel is a bit more expensive, but it does not prevent the loyal fans of the SUV acquire a turbo modification. That's what they say car owners:

Owner reviews motley: someone considers, that cost of a car you can buy something better, and who-I am sure that is priced fairly. One way or another, and more than half the owners for reliability and comfort hundredth version lend Крузера really worth the money, which asks the manufacturer.