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The seven-seat SUVs and crossovers

It is well known that crossovers and SUVs have always appreciated more than a traffic hatchbacks and sedans. And here it is not in patency, and versatility. When the market appeared Nissan Quashqai and BMW X5, many realized that the SUV – is not only a great car that doesn't fit into your lane. Later started to become popular seven-seat SUVs and crossovers, which, in addition to its versatility, assumed more and roominess.

A comparison of seven-seat SUV with a car that has two rows of seats

For a visual example, consider the basic characteristics, which has a 7 seater SUV, and compare them with conventional analogue with 2 rows of seats:

 SUVs for 7 persons

Review SUV with 7 seats

The seven-seat SUVs begin every year to use the increasingly popular among car enthusiasts. So we have to consider the popular models of cars.

Launched this spring in the Russian market "luxury" Japanese SUV, priced from 2 599 000, equipped with the latest technology. People spending SUV tidy sum, was getting a car in the equipment which includes:

 Acura MDX

In the engine compartment MDX can be used to detect a 290-horsepower V-shaped 6-cylinder gasoline engine with a displacement volume of 3.5 liters, with a system of selective cylinder deactivation. In tandem with his works auto «selectope", which distributes power to all 4 wheels. To talk about the economy not necessary, as fuel consumption is 12 liters.

 A seven-seat SUV Acura MDX

Three years ago, this 7 seater crossovers experienced a mixed restyling, which became slightly more modern, but this does not prevent him from being popular to this day. Surprised this car is not necessary, it is characterized by years of proven excellent patency and quality. To date, the basic version of the Pilot costs 1 799 000.

 Honda Pilot

Under the hood of this SUV has a 3.5-liter engine, with a capacity of 249 HP and 347 Nm of torque. A five-speed automatic on both axes transmits the constant pull. If we talk about "extravagance", presented in a SUV 7 seats officially consumes 92nd gasoline, and spends an average of not more than 11 L.

 A seven-seat SUV Honda Pilot

Presents the crossover for 7 persons has the volume of the Luggage compartment without taking into account the transformation of seats a total of 176 litres, and this space is is not enough for a model that broke into a new segment.

But you can be the envy of functional equipment. Here's a seven-seater Santa Fe crossovers can boast leather interior, cruise climate, electric heating, rear view camera, and an auxiliary assistants, such as a warning display a frontal collision, the emergency braking system option when lowering and lifting on the slope and other “dead”.

 Hyundai Grand Santa Fe

Thus, the manufacturer really cares about the comfort and safety of all crew members. In such a cheap version 7 seater SUVs are equipped with diesel 2.2-liter engine producing 197 HP, which aggregated with constant leading all the wheels and a dedicated six speed automatic gearbox. As for the cost, it starts from 1 799 000. Gasoline consumption is 9 liters.

 Hyundai Grand Santa Fe seven-seater

On the positive side, you can select individual climate system for passengers in the back of the couch, "advanced" media & dampers variable stiffness, which is very essential while riding on hills, especially for passengers in the back rows, which is more shakes in the cabin. Submitted 7 seater SUVs equipped with all necessary equipment.

 KIA Mohave

Inside the machine places "wagon". And even if in the last row will be a grown man, to feel himself comfortable. But for all these advantages, you need to pay, and is a lot of money.

 Seven-seat SUV KIA Mohave

The seven-seat SUVs and crossovers today are a great option for lovers of comfortable ride and larger families. All of the vehicles, except that they have a large space, and is equipped with additional options to ensure a comfortable management.