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The tuning Kia Sportage 3 and earlier versions of the model Sportage

Kia Sportage — a beautiful car that has been popular for many years. In the basic version, to meet him on the streets of his city and everyone can, however, motorists are United in our desire to make this car unique, including in relation to technical specifications, so make Kia Sportage 3 tuning — this is a fairly common solution.

The first models are very different from modern, so the tuning Kia Sportage 1996 — not so much a fad as the need. It is best to buy the tuning Kia Sportage 3 or other models from reliable specialists to the car's performance has improved, not gotten worse. Tuning cars Kia Sportage 3 does not require significant changes since the last modification of Kia is well thought out. It often decorate the body and increases the capacity of the motor. The tuning Kia Sportage 2009 — a more serious and large-scale occupation.

Korean tuning Kia Sportage 3 is popular, as is of good quality and affordable price.

Before making any changes, see photos of tuning Kia Sportage 3 — it will help you not only determine the amount of work, but also to evaluate its result.

Necessary accessories

Accessories for Kia Sportage 3 few, as even basic equipment meets the demands of drivers. The main replaceable parts are:

The solution to the problem of the rear window

Many drivers complain of poor visibility through the rear window, difficult Parking, and reverse gear, so the tuning Kia Sportage 2013 begins with the resolution of that problem. Manufacturers suggest using the sensors, but the sensors are so sensitive that even respond to the paper on the road, so any shop tuning Kia Sportage 3 proposes another solution, which consists of two phases:

 Parking sensors for KIA Sportage


 Tuning the appearance of the KIA Sportage

The tuning Kia Sportage 2007 often begins with changes in the external appearance of the machine. Many offer to buy a body kit for Kia Sportage, so he began to look more attractive and more glamorous. It is worth noting that modern body kits for Kia Sportage 2012 and their elements have lost their aerodynamic characteristics and serve only to change the appearance.

Hinged sills for Kia Sportage 2012 will give the car a more serious look, and will make landing and disembarkation convenient and comfortable. Therefore, setting thresholds on the Kia Sportage — is a justifiable event. To buy the rapids on a Kia Sportage can be in any convenient store.

Standard bumper is not very durable, so the protection of the bumper on the Kia Sportage necessary. This will help to protect your car in case of a collision from numerous breakdowns and positive difference in his appearance.

 Tuning KIA Sportage interior Tuning KIA Sportage interior

 Tuning KIA Sportage interior


The salon is modern cars are well protected from outside noise, but the earlier models require improvements. The tuning Kia Sportage 1998 almost always includes the installation of noise insulation material. This creates a comfortable and safe environment for traveling, after all the noise and loud sounds tiring, distracting and annoying.

After reviewing the video of the tuning Kia Sportage 3, you can learn how to do the insulation yourself.

 Sound absorber for KIA Sportage

Kia Sportage - good cars, which speak positively almost all owners. To read the opinions of motorists and advice only venturing out to buy this model here. Impressions from the operation of the KIA Sportage in a new body here.

Replacement optics

The tuning Kia Sportage 1 is not without replacing the optics. This allows not only change the appearance, but also improve the lighting. The optics tuning Kia Sportage 3 will help to highlight your car and give it individuality.

Optics Kia Sportage 3 high quality and long performance life, but more details will help to create a striking design (for example, LEDs in the headlights). In addition, the installation of fog lights will increase the visibility of a few percent.

 Replacement optics for Kia Sportage

Wheels and suspension

Disks — this is one of the main components of any car. They must be made of durable and high quality alloy. The best option — alloy wheels: they not only look impressive, but also reduce fuel consumption, increase safety and provide a good transmission. Correct tuning Kia Sportage 2012 is not without replacing the factory disks.

 Disc replacement Kia Sportage

To improve performance, you should do the suspension tuning Kia Sportage 3, as this will help to achieve maximum smoothness and comfort when traveling, definition of maneuvering, as well as prolong the life of shock absorbers.


The tuning Kia Sportage 2011 often is to replace the grille.  a Grille carries not only a decorative function — it prevents the ingress of foreign objects, and promotes the exit of heated air, so the choice of items should be treated responsibly.

 Lambodara for KIA Sportage

Improving the engine

The tuning Kia Sportage 2000 can improve not only the external parameters and technical characteristics, so many resort to the chip tuning. The essence of the process — flashing control unit, which allows you to increase the power of the motor and save with low fuel consumption.