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Three-door SUVs and crossovers

Fans passable technique, it is necessary to pay attention to a special class of jeeps, specific to all-wheel drive cars. This three-door SUV that relate to the technology capable off-road. Appreciate them not only for appearance, but for some technical characteristics. For example, many of these jeeps have a short wheelbase, resulting in they can get out of any troubles using your own strength.

 Suzuki grand vitara II

The advantages and disadvantages of the three-door jeeps

For starters, you should consider the advantages of three-door SUVs on their five-door counterparts. In size they are not very different from each other. Although the difference exists, but it is minimal. The decoration of the interior is identical, only that the 2nd row seats can be represented by a bit shorter. The advantages of this car:

 Land Cruiser J15

Sample prices for a three-door SUV

Now what are 3 door SUVs you can buy in the showrooms? One can note 8 models, which have so far produced serially. Not a lot, however, among them there are real experts in their field:

 Range Rover Evoque

Best three-door SUVs and crossovers

Due to the wide range of three-door crossover, it is possible to identify and characterize the best of them.

The best SUV on the release of many automotive publishers Jeep Wrangler is considered. American SUV may surprise his grip of the road and a lot of other useful and important technical characteristics.

 Jeep Wrangler

The main advantages of auto you need to include the following:

 Three-Door Jeep Wrangler

Presents a three-door SUV captivated fans passable technique, however, the cost beyond one million rubles, not everyone allows you to buy such vehicles.

Famous Russian saying "small is beautiful" as if it was made under this little jeep. Despite its small size, Japanese 3 x door SUVs can surprise resistance to a variety of tests and excellent maneuverability.

 Suzuki Jimny

Jimny has excellent technical characteristics. The main advantages of its design must include the following:

Equipping Suzuki Jimny various additional devices for the terrain is not difficult.

 Three-Door Suzuki Jimny

A couple of years ago in Korea have been out of production three-door crossover under the name Korando. The Russian plant TagAZ attempted to establish production presents SUVs in its facilities.

 TagAZ Tager

And got a name owl TagAZ Tager, which is only a 3 door car, which serve as competition to the jeep more expensive. The main advantages of the Russian-Korean car include:

 TagAZ Tager three-door

When viewing the overview of the jeep, you can see that he really seeks to take a leading place in the class of three-door cars. However, a closer acquaintance reveals certain drawbacks in the design of Tager.

Traditional Russian car, which became one of the first civilian cars with all-wheel drive in the Soviet Union – this is all familiar field. Currently, this jeep is already called Lada 4×4, produced by AVTOVAZ and steadily reduces its popularity among hunters.

 Lada 4x4 "field"

Looking at the 1985 issue of the machine and today, you cannot find any differences. The car has some problems:

Taking into account already existing partnerships automotive corporations from America and Russia, such a possibility seems real enough.

 Lada Niva

Three-door SUV is a great option for those who enjoy a comfortable and fast ride. Moreover, the machine is perfectly feel myself on the roads, as they have a short base. But if you are a novice driver, it is possible to buy a three-door SUV  is the most suitable option.