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Tiguan: owner reviews

The VW Tiguan is the first compact crossover, which was released by German company VW. The basis for the car was the VW Golf platform, from which was developed the design of a compact car for easy off-road. The car is produced since 2007 and currently on the market presents two generations of crossover. Let us consider the responses of owners about the Volkswagen Tiguan different generations and draw conclusions about their advantages and disadvantages.

 VW Tiguan

VW Tiguan 2007 – 2011 goda

The first generation VW Tiguan is largely resembled his "younger" brother – VW Golf. Despite this, the crossover was awarded an athletic appearance – designers were able to create an attractive and harmonious appearance, successfully aligning the straight front rack, pronounced line of the hood, wider wheel arches and distinctive front and rear lights. Reviews about PV Tiguan indicate that the exterior design of this crossover is liked by many motorists.

If the exterior of the first generation VW Tiguan different kind of expressiveness and rapidity, the salon is prevalent family strictness and conservatism inherent in the complete model range of the company. Reviews about the car Volkswagen Tiguan, as a rule, prove it – many motorists have noted the lack of specificity in the salon – everything is created solidly, efficiently, however, it seems not a sports crossover, and the family car.

 VW Tiguan 2007 – 2011 goda

If we talk about the technical equipment of the crossover, all systems and optional "filling" car deserves only the best reviews. In addition to a huge number of innovations that boost ride comfort, Tiguan engineers have implemented and some technical innovations. Thus, the crossover is the world's first representative of the class, equipped exclusively with a turbo engine. It provides good dynamic performance and high power of the engine (powertrain 1.4 liter – 150 HP, 2.0-liter   170 HP). In foreign countries and presents the model with the increased power of 200 HP

VW Tiguan 2011 – 2015 goda

Because Tiguan became a bestseller in the European market, in 2011 the company released a facelifted version which made some changes and improvements. Until today, VW has not changed in cars, so reviews of the Volkswagen Tiguan 2014 and reviews of the Volkswagen Tiguan 2013 (and other models, "poliestireno" years) do not differ from each other.

If the technical features of the crossover remains the same, the exterior of the Tiguan has undergone significant changes. The car got a more sporty character lines of the body are more expressive, appeared led lights front and rear lights – because of this, the Tiguan has become like his older "brother" VW Touareg. Video reviews about Volkswagen Tiguan say that the interior, unlike the exterior, has not changed significantly – was improved insulation, improved the functionality of the driver's seat and the cabin has received an additional variation of a covering.

Cars presents both mechanical and automatic transmission – in the model number available 7 variations to choose from, depending on the type of engine, transmission and package options. Reviews for the Volkswagen Tiguan automatic 2007-2015 indicate a high quality and reliable operation of the transmission, which is not satisfactory in everyday use crossover.

Prices and reviews Tiguan to a relatively low value of the car – given the package options, technical equipment and design of the crossover, the price is 30-35 thousand dollars is more than acceptable for most.

 VW Tiguan 2011 – 2015 goda

Advantages and disadvantages

Combine all the advantages of the Tiguan:

Among the disadvantages:

You can conclude the following: VW Tiguan old and the new version does not have fundamental differences. So, reviews of the Volkswagen Tiguan 2 0 remain unchanged in terms of safety, reliability, comfort and dynamics.

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The only difference – this car appearance: some people like a more Mature style of 2007-2011, someone – more dynamic style of the new generation. Reviews about the Tiguan 2 0 2013 suggests that still greater number of motorists in love with a facelifted version that is relevant to this day.