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Toyota Fortuner ascetic Asian SUV

Competent manufacturers are always trying to expand the markets for their products and taking into account the fact that Toyota is the number # 1 by the number of sold cars, its managers who know exactly how to properly sell the car. 

Marketing strategy includes Toyota maximum grip on all possible markets, which sell its cars. And the emphasis is not only on developed markets of the USA and Europe, but on developing the so-called third world countries. It is for such purposes and was created Toyota Fortuner, which was focused more on the African and Asian countries. As follows from the purpose of the model, a luxury it is not claimed, it was a strong hard worker, which is characterized by a high degree of reliability.

The first generation of the car from 2005 to 2011

Toyota Fortuner built based on the pickup Toyota Hilux, and inherited from him a beauty and a suspension device.  By default, the Fortuner can be as all-wheel-drive, and заднеприводным. By analogy with Hilux beauty is a seven-seater.

 Toyota Fortuner the first generation

The car is sold with different engines, which passed from older models: Prado and Lend Cruiser.

Toyota Fortuner specifications is possible to say, similar to RAV4 crossover and SUV Prado.

Overall value of the first generation:

Toyota Fortuner with the essence of the global model, and was sold with other names in different countries. In the USA it was a Toyota 4Runner, in Japan, Toyota Hilux Surf in Europe Prado (with substantial external differences).

The Fortuner first generation installed the following engines:

Any of the engines for a fee could be equipped with all-wheel drive. And gearboxes there were two: basic five-speed manual and 4-speed automatic.

 Toyota Fortuner the first generation of beauty

In 2008 was conducted easy upgrades. Changed grille, front and rear optics, now they were both on the land cruiser. Beauty ceased to be only in black and received the light finish. Passengers of the second and third rows got the chance to run "weather" via individual ceiling console. The most important innovation was the introduction of the system of distribution of brake efforts in conjunction with four-wheel drive. 

Even Fortuner bummed powerful petrol engines from Prado:

Also there is another diesel more modest volume:

 Toyota Fortuner first generation engine

The second generation with 2011

After the first light pack 3 years later was followed by another. This time have changed, and the overall magnitude of the (slightly):

Current restyling is aimed at maintaining the interest to the model and, as before, were changed all lighting machine, if earlier she was taken from land cruiser, now updated Hilux. Headlights are now gained линзованную optics. Updated bumper and some body parts.

 The second generation Toyota Fortuner

Plus there was a version with "adult" power unit from land cruiser:

Picking and rates 2013

Officially model Fortuner not sold and not sold in Russia. But in view of the fact that Toyota Fortuner 2013 specifications is outstanding, there are always willing who want to buy it. New  Fortuner can be ordered through the countries of Africa and Asia. The most convenient way is to order machines from the UAE.

 Toyota Fortuner the second generation of beauty

A choice   3 items:

 Toyota Fortuner second generation engine


Created for the countries of the third world, without superfluous "options",  Toyota Fortuner is a versatile car for all occasions. With brutal "джиперской" looks, huge, but the simple beauty and wide opportunities on the roads it is because of its low price is considered to be the most available frame SUV with classic four-wheel drive and demand does not weaken until now.