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Toyota land cruiser Prado 120: main characteristics explain the interest in the model

Toyota land cruiser Prado 120, thanks to the guaranteed high quality of all Japanese cars,  is the most popular SUV model with the best characteristics. This car is particularly common in a stream of moving cars, and its modifications in each generation only increase its demand.

 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

The most important characteristics of this model include:


Model Land Cruiser

Main distinguishing features of all representatives of the Prado – reputable machine with smooth rounded body and masculinity in the image are the hallmark of each model. Toyota land cruiser Prado 2012, with the characteristic elegant appearance with rounded bumpers and massive grille, was a real gem for lovers of serious and high-powered cars. And even if we consider that all these machines find a more severe type of city car, and the emphasis in its design is on ride comfort, he is also able to overcome the lack of roads.

Toyota land cruiser Prado 2013 release also has a strong masculine appearance: a large triangular headlights coming on the plane of the hood, give the car a elegant appearance and smooth lines of the body dulled his aggressive look of the SUV.

What can be offered trim Toyota land cruiser Prado?

 Model Land Cruiser

The performance of the car

Regardless of belonging to a particular generation of car Toyota land cruiser Prado boasts the following basic equipment:

New Toyota land cruiser Prado is already equipped with electric front seats, headlight washer system and with Parking sensors – all this provides maximum comfort while traveling. Located on the sides of the vehicle airbags and block climate control for passengers in the rear seat will be a great addition for the most demanding motorists.

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 The car

The engine – ensuring the capacity and permeability

Several engine options for this car also expand the opportunity for lovers of travel on the nature and drivers in the metropolis. However, becoming more urban, Toyota land cruise Prado will not be able to overcome the mud.

Engine Toyota land cruiser Prado can be presented several options. Most often when buying and popular is a 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine that is standard on the car. The volume is 4 liters V-shaped six-cylinder petrol engine.

This car is a normal trip to the countryside, he will overcome the sand, snow and ice. However, the elongated base and too low for an SUV landing in the mud can play with the car a cruel joke.

Because before answering to your question, buy a Toyota Prado or choose another model from another manufacturer, it should be clearly understood the purpose for which the car sold Toyota land cruiser Prado. However, the guarantee of excellent build quality and relatively affordable cost make the choice in favor of Toyota.