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Toyota pickup

A bit of history

 Toyota Hilux 1983 года

The first samples of cars with a body pickup appeared in Europe and America in the early twentieth century. They were double, and his back had storaging, which have the cargo. Used them primarily as a vehicle for delivery of retail goods in small shops, and also as a vehicle for the farmer and special vehicles of various repair and construction services.

This trend in the automotive industry remained until the 70s. And only with the advent in 1983 Toyota Hilux pickup ratio for these vehicles has changed. With the release of this series pickups began to position itself in the eyes of the consumer as a vehicle for active kinds of sports, calculated mainly on young people, leading sports lifestyle.

Now exterior of the truck could boast colourful flowers painting, the presence of chrome parts and arcs of safety, located in the body. It was attached to a range of powerful additional headlights. For the first time these design details have been applied in the Hilux pickup, and later became fundamental characteristics of the exterior of this classic pickup with a sports bias. Since there is a trend for the refurbishment of models of cars trucks in real monster-conquerors внедорожья.

In third world countries machines of this model Toyotas are widely used in the conduct of hostilities. On them establish large-caliber machine guns and light gun. One of the stages of the confrontation of Chad, Libya even inscribed in the history of the world under the name «War Toyota».

Overview of 2012 models

In the autumn of last year we released an updated model Toyota Hilux pickup 2012. The restyled exterior of this monster boasts a modified front bumper and hood, new front fenders and rear wings, brightly underlined lines front optics. Grille has completely changed its appearance.

 Toyota Hilux

The interior of the new model will appreciate the best quality finishing materials. Instrument panel has a new form, and the steering wheel was brighter look on the General background thanks to the silvery spots. Media with new specifications and шестидюймовым color monitor provides entertainment during long trips and stopovers.

 Interior Toyot Hilux

This toyota pickup comes in our region with diesel units with the capacity of 2. 5 and 3. 0-liter 144 172 horsepower respectively. A choice of automatic or manual transmission 5 steps. Fuel consumption at city trip is approximately 10 L. if the volume of the engine 2. 5 and 11. 7-litre engine 3. 0. The fuel tank will be able to fill in not more than 80 HP Available on select all-wheel drive version with front-wheel drive.

Compared with the model hilux pickup 2010 issue of the new increased engine power of 24 horses, and fuel consumption is decreased by a liter. Besides, now the quantity of emissions into the atmosphere is adjusted to the requirements of standard Euro 5.

 Technical data Toyota Hilux

In the predefined options basic equipment with diesel 2. 5 l includes:

•airbags -2 PCs (for the driver and front passenger).

•Additional braking system ABS.

•security System – immobilizer.

•Side Windows with electric drive.

•Side mirrors with heating.

•Glass rear heated.

•Halogen headlights.

•Wheels are equipped with steel plates.

•Hydraulic power steering column.

•Central locking with remote control.

•Adjustable in two directions steering wheel.

•heated front seats.

•Powerful audio system.

•air conditioning.

•Filter dust in beauty.

The more expensive versions Toyota helix pickup and as additional options to the basic set are equipped with cruise control and the best quality finishing materials. Also surcharge mosaic of available colors painting of the car increases.

Price in Russia

The Toyota Hilux pickup price in our area starts, ranging from 33 000$ for a base complete set, and from$ 50,000 for the most sophisticated version of the wheel. Car with average meat and drive on all wheels will cost you about 40 000 green.

Her speak about owners

Buy Toyota pickup this model is a dream of many. Are even special clubs fans and owners. But are all pleased with your purchase?

Here is a list of requests/problems that caused a Toyota pickup truck during its operation:

•floor Covering of the body often scratched.

•Excessive noise outside during engine operation.

•Slow acceleration dynamics.

•low-quality sound native speaker.

•the Form of a passenger and a driver's seat not fully thought out (inconvenient to travel long distances).

•minimalist appearance of the interior parts.

•Provided by the onboard computer information is not always accurate.

•transmission туговатая with uncomfortable selectivity.

•a Bad light fog optics.

•At high speed movement in rain water floods the side window of the driver side.

But all this stuff that many of the owners don't even pay attention. Some of the disadvantages of the car are more similar to the wishes of a personal nature. For example, low acceleration dynamics. This all-wheel drive vehicle, which is designed for movement on rough terrain. It is clear that the acceleration dynamics in the main specifications of this machine does not envisaged.

If you are just thinking about buying the pickup model, here is a striking proof of the advantages of this car: