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Toyota RAV 4 2013 - the representative of the fourth generation model

The history of model

It all started in 1989 at the Tokyo motor show, when showed a concept car Toyota RAV Four, which was founded on the idea of creating an all-wheel drive compact car to get around the city and go to the country. The idea was developed in 1994 in Geneva at the motor show. There designers introduced the Toyota Fun Cruiser, a compact station wagon with all-wheel drive, two variants of the transmission (5-speed mechanics or 4-speed automatic).

 Toyota RAV 4 1994

The first version of the Toyota RAV 4 is a three-door car with two-liter engine. Elongated five-door version appeared in 1995. In 1997 appeared superior trim and sunroof models more expensive set.

 Toyota RAV 4 1998

The second generation car Toyota RAV 4 started in 2000. Engineering has led to a significant change in appearance, giving him "masculinity". Has been significantly improved interior, the cabin is more spacious. Models are equipped mainly petrol engine, only some of the options since 2001 got a turbo diesel. Already the second generation RAV 4 in the refinement has excellent handling and confidently holds the course.

 Toyota RAV 4 2001

The third generation appeared in the autumn of 2005, sales began in 2006. All versions of steel five-door. The basis was on a new platform, has expanded the range of engines increased in size, became more comfortable in the salon. In the basic version already has 7 airbags and active safety system.

 Toyota RAV 4 2006

2009 - the birth of the fourth generation, in which the car received a completely new look, there are some changes in the technical characteristics, significantly increased level of security. For the Russian market were produced variants with Russified navigation. Toyota RAV 4 2013 - a brilliant representative of the fourth generation of the car. The world premiere of the crossover took place at the end of 2012. Below photo RAV 4 2010, and photo of the new RAV 4 2013 will be presented later.

 Toyota RAV 4 2010

Characteristics RAV 4 2013

If you look at the photo of Toyota RAV 4 2013, we can note his aggressive and dynamic look. Sill line rises to the rear, the roofline flowing. Sizes have changed in comparison with the models of the third generation: RAV 4 2013 became longer and wider, but slightly lower. The tailgate has become more rounded and opens up, the spare wheel is located under the bottom.

 Toyota RAV 4 2013

In the cabin underwent significant changes front panel, the upper part of her almost flat, it has become more readable and informative. Representatives of the manufacturer called it focused on the driver.

 Beauty RAV 4

The SUV has the following main characteristics:

 Toyota RAV 4 2013 - side view

Price Toyota RAV 4 2013 optional and equipment options. So, the basic version is equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox, two-liter petrol engine with front-wheel drive, will cost $ 1,000,000. Equipment with the same engine, with four-wheel drive and the CVT will cost about 1 150 000 rubles.

The diesel version can only be purchased with all-wheel drive and automatic transmission, the price of 1 500 000 rubles.

 Toyota RAV 4 2013 - rear view

The advantages and disadvantages of assessment owners

Basically the owners are satisfied Toyota RAV 4. Among the deficiencies noted a relatively low mileage brake pads. Also in the winter time there is uneven heating of the cabin where the driver and passenger in the front seat is already warm, and on the back is still cool.

 Toyota RAV 4 2013

Among the advantages of much more points. It is very important the best combination of quality car and its value. Motorists appreciate RAV 4 for excellent control, excellent cross-country ability. He can even ride through the winter forest covered with snow. Fails Toyota in the cold: starts without problems. The trip is always a comfort, because the cabin has good insulation, the driver and passengers comfortable and spacious.