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Toyota Surf

Quite a few people prefers a good SUV cars and it's not only in terrain but also in the confidence, comfort and prestige that gives such a car. A fairly well-known machine is a Toyota Surf, which is a excellent SUV, eye-catching high reliability and maneuverability, powerful engine and spacious interior and roomy Luggage compartment. Consider in more detail what constitutes this car.

Review of generations

To start is to indicate that Toyota Surf is known by two names. The first is Toyota Hilux Surf, and the second, more familiar to Russians, this Toyota 4Runner. The first version of the name is due to the fact that the car is based on the Hilux pickup. It is typical for Japanese cars, but for the us market the title was changed to the 4Runner.

It differed significantly from the usual us models and was more like a truck, its progenitor. Doors were only two, and over the body was removable roof. Both suspensions were initially dependent, but after the front was replaced by an independent.

This article provides a detailed overview of the progenitor of Toyota Surf Hilux pickup truck. And here are all Japanese SUVs of the Russian market.

Second went to series in 1989. Versions already had two: added a 4-door body variant. Four-wheel drive, as in the first generation, was plug-in: no usual for these SUV's constant drive. In 1995 began to produce more comfortable option, which included power accessories, air conditioning and much more.

In 1996 the third generation of matter in the series, after a significant upgrade. The car went the way of increased comfort with the addition of many new features, including a monitor of the multimedia system.

With the advent of 4th generation 2003, the car has become much more, and also got quite a powerful, all-aluminum engine.

Finally, in 2009 the world saw last generation. The comfort level has increased considerably, having gone from workhorses, which was originally the progenitor of the car – Hilux. However, all this will not prevent the vehicle successfully to the mud puddle.

 Toyota Surf first generation

 Toyota Surf second generation


In America the price starts from 34000$. In Russia, however, expect a higher price, namely, from 3 million at a new car and about 2 million rubles for a used but fairly recent models. Older generations can be found and at very reasonable prices.


The engine in the fifth generation only one is installed. It is a powerful 4-liter engine with 6 cylinders and a capacity of 270 horsepower. Automatic gearbox with 5 steps.  However, as for the drive, then options to choose from, there are two: this is a simple rear-wheel drive, or full plug the drive. Of course, there is a version with permanent four-wheel drive and locking center differential and a more advanced terrain modification Trial with cross-axle differential. It should be noted that this is a very unusual solution, since usually crossovers and SUVs the front-wheel and rear-connected only when needed.

Fuel consumption was quite reasonable for such a huge beast. All-wheel drive version has a higher appetite: 15 liters in the city and about 11 on the highway. The rear drive on average eats 10 on the highway and about 14 around town.

The classic body frame, which is a very unusual decision in today's automotive industry, since most manufacturers of SUVs and crossovers have abandoned this design.

The suspension provides a fairly smooth drive and calmly overcome light off-road, however steep turns, it will not work. Front independent, but dependent at the rear with trailing arms.

Equipment-as already stated above, in the fifth generation is quite rich. This and a variety of active assistance systems driving, active safety system, full power everything. Heated seats, advanced multimedia system and so on.

 The third generation Toyota Surf

 The fourth generation Toyota Surf 2003

 The new generation Toyota Surf, released in 2009

Advantages and disadvantages

Toyota Surf very good. It is a reliable and comfortable workhorse, which is equally good with the carriage of passengers, cargo within loading range, with city driving and off-road. The car has a powerful engine, thanks to which the car accelerates quickly, but consumption remains at an acceptable level. However in Russia the car is not officially supplied, but that didn't put find downloads. The cars are imported from America and Japan, and numerous advantages completely cover the inconvenience of delivery.