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Toyota Tundra is a huge and unkillable full-size pickup

History model

In 2000, a new full-size pickup Toyota Tundra  replaces obsolete KZT100. They had similar dimensions, but the newcomer had a powerful V8 engine, and more familiar to Americans appearance. In fact, they market the car and was aimed. Originally the truck was a V6 engine, as on the old model and the popular Toyota Tacoma. Later, based on the Tundra was built a monstrous SUV Toyota Sequoia.

The first generation lasted from 2000 to 2006 and was more like a Toyota Tacoma. The car was produced in 2-door and 4-door version. Powerful V8 was installed as an additional option. However, a significant demand forced the company to change the decision and make it the main engine.

 Toyota Tundra 2000

The second generation was produced from 2007 to 2013, however, the machines can still be found on sale. The car is much changed, became more and got the modern and recognizable appearance, which is almost impossible to confuse. Was fitted with a multiple-choice V8 engine, while the weaker V6 was optional. The car was produced in several variants of the body, in which the preference was given to any size cargo or cabin.

 Toyota Tundra 2007

The third generation introduced in 2013, and shortly went to the series.

 Toyota Tundra 2014

However, based on feedback from owners, Toyota Tundra is worth the money.

Main features

The car is officially not available but can be estimated characteristic for the various ads on the market.

Externally, the car turned out quite American style - it really is huge. Axis located close to the edges of the chassis and bumper rounded and do not act that promotes good angles of descent. There are side sills for ease of planting, as ground clearance 260 mm Grille is quite massive and takes up almost the entire front part. She often declared chromium. There are several options body: 2-door and 4-door, and is also available pickup truck with an extended base.

 Grille Toyota Tundra

The beauty everywhere prevails quality leather trim. Plastic is also quite high. Equipping the car is rich, and sitting behind the wheel hard to say that this is the workhorse. There is a multimedia center, heated seats, 2-zone climate control, onboard computer, electric and heated mirrors, and the like.

 Shop Toyota Tundra

You can choose between V8 engines with different volume that issue 381, 310 HP, as Well as options available V6 236 HP, but in great demand, he does not enjoy, and in Russia it is extremely difficult to find. To power units you can choose manual or automatic gearbox. The pickup is equipped with permanent four-wheel drive, as this SUV.

 The power plant Toyota Tundra

The car in the up-to-date anti-lock braking system and stabilization systems. Also available 4 airbags. The only thing really missing is the rear camera, but the installation of Parking sensors in expensive outfits will help to improve the situation.

 New Toyota Tundra

This car in Russia is not officially imported, but it can easily be purchased from various companies, which will offer a full warranty.

Major, can be divided into two components:

 Toyota Tundra - side view

 Toyota Tundra - rear view

Owner reviews and operating experience

The machine is not officially imported, which is hard to find many reviews, but available it is possible to draw some conclusions:

 Toyota Tundra