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Tuning Nissan Qashqai: exterior, interior and technical parts

To perform the tuning Nissan Qashqai is the sense of proportion, as it is a sports car, and quite stylish crossover. Accordingly, many modifications may be inappropriate. Also, there are steps that can just screw technical characteristics of the car. However, there are many accessories and works that should be spent, and they only emphasize the taste and sense of style of the owner. Let's look at what can be done with the Nissan the Qashqai.

Improved controllability and technical specifications

What you can do to improve handling? Based on the experience of the Nissan Qashqai,  car  itself is good and, if you don't fit its characteristics, should think about buying a new car, which, incidentally, will stand in a less than serious trouble. If the car feels on the road, worse, should go to service center, check suspension, replace brake discs and pads, change the tires on new. When buying new parts it is best to pay attention on original spare parts.

With the engine and gearbox about the same situation. Without major changes, power is not increased, but we'll advise you what can be done and what the Nissan Qashqai tuning better not to do at all:

 Any car needs a regular oil change

+ Oil should be changed in time, as with the new car rides better, consumes less and is much longer;

+ Replacement of filters;

 Chip tuning is often harmful to the car such as the Nissan Qashqai

- You should not do chip tuning Nissan Qashqai . Advertising is always beautiful promises more power with less fuel consumption. However, this can not be. Yes, power increases, fuel consumption will increase even more. It is also worth noting that the specifications of each Nissan Qashqai, albeit the same model and with the difference vanishing in the conveyor for several hours, individually. The plant and configure them individually. The differences are usually small, but there. And the seller chip tuning the machine sews all the same. Thus, many buyers even notice the loss of power and degradation. And to flash back to the firmware already not succeed. In the end you will pay for to ruin the car forever.

- Turbocharging. Statistics suggests that turbocharged engines live on less, but if it was not originally conceived under the turbine, the engine die even before.

 Nissan Qashkai is not the forward flow muffler as an option

- Co-current flow. First, such a silencer is not environmentally friendly, and secondly, Qashqai with such a loud exhaust system it will look funny and ridiculous.

- Boring of the cylinders. Yes, power will increase as the flow rate. However, you immediately reduce engine life, and brains machines have reflash. Additionally, to perform capital repairs at this power plant, may already and will not work.

- There are even more radical option of a replacement engine and installation lightweight forged rings and cylinders. Such solutions economically inappropriate.

As you can see, the tuning on the Qashqai 2013  to improve the technical characteristics better not to do, as almost all reduce the life of the car and increases fuel consumption. The best solution would be maintaining the car in perfect technical condition.

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Tuning salon

It is worth noting that the interior on this model is quite tenacious, which makes no sense to install seat covers. Usually they only do that to hide some shoals in the upholstery.

 The upholstery and the braid on the wheel is better to change completely in a specialized service

Braid the wheel is also not recommended. Firstly, it spoils the upholstery, and secondly, it is easier to surrender his salvage and buy with minimal wear or even drag.

 Tuning the multimedia system does not damage the Qashqai

What can be done really is to establish a good multimedia system, if it was not in your configuration or just replace the speakers and put a subwoofer. Of course, everyone should decide how he wants to spend tuning Nissan Qashqai 2013  plan multimedia. Many are quite satisfied with the system and staff.

 Lining on the internal thresholds will help to avoid possible damage

Quite a good solution would be to install overlays on thresholds, as they will retain the dye, but the place is quite problematic in many cars.

Yet you can replace the sound insulation of the cabin. Base overall, also quite nice, but not all it completely quite.

The tuning of the body

 Body kit for Nissan Qashqai like a little

Like it or not, but the Qashqai not a jeep, and installation bumper the rear arc or any benefits will not, and will only increase car, but the bevels he is just excellent. About the side deck to say about the same, but they even the easy entry and exit from the car.

 Roof rails complement the image Nissan Qashqai

Appropriate will like this body kit for the Nissan Qashqai , as the roof rails. Appearance they do not spoil, and functionality machine decently expand.

 Useful purchase will cover on the rear bumper

Also useful are the overlays on the rear bumper, as there usually accumulate dirt, water and snow that can damage the paint.

 Chrome will make a car more stylish and elegantly structured

Almost any machine will benefit from the presence of chromium in the exterior, and set it to auto there is much. It may be the side mirrors, roof rails, overlays on the fog lights, bumper, front door handle and much more. If you look the photo tuning Qashqai , then these elements will not leave you indifferent.