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Tuning Nissan X trail: body kits, optics, chip tuning

Tuning Nissan X trail lesson, of course, interesting, but optional. Because the car without it has excellent ride characteristics and elegant appearance. But the driver always wants to emphasize their individuality and transfer it to your vehicle.

A little about the car. Nissan X-Trail 1st generation of those cars, which began to combine features of an SUV and car for the family. There are a lot of accessories:

Very popular Nissan got in Russia. Because in addition to the appearance of the car is "fit" in our roads.

Chip tuning

Chip tuning Nissan X-Trail will increase the power of the engine. This is done using the following instruments:

Replaceable and pluggable optics factory

Despite the fact that standard optics look pretty good, many car owners still want to change it. By yourself can absolutely change all the lights.

The easiest and at the same time the most rational way to improve the optics set optics additional sweepage. Informally it is called "Angel eyes".

In addition to aesthetic purposes, such tuning is and practical. It can be used as daylight driving lights. The advantage of "Angel eye" in that they are very economical, even when compared with the light emitting diodes.

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Body kit for Nissan X Trail is the most popular and effective method of tuning. The purpose of the kit the following:

The aesthetic appearance. This is the detail that makes the car bright and easily recognizable;

An important aspect is the material:

There is no need to talk in detail about what it is best to choose. All the kits are different and to make choices should be, based on your preferences.

Improve salon

Standard cladding and multimedia in the Nissan looks decent. To make your own notes you can change a wheel, levers of a transmission and other stuff.

The spacious trunk, you can mount the bracket, in the future when transporting any items. You can also add and hidden containers. Overall, the interior Nissan X Trail 2012 gives huge scope for imagination.

Excellent option is and improved noise isolation. But unfortunately, such a procedure is relatively expensive and difficult. Also we offer to your attention a video on how to mount the protection thresholds.