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Tuning Niva 2121: how to improve the car?

Tuning Niva 2121 can significantly change the appearance of the car.  This car is worthy to buy more gloss both outside and inside the cabin.

This model was released with the conveyor of domestic produced cars for more than 40 years ago, and its distinctive appearance has remained almost unchanged. And there can be provided a wide space for imagination. We list the main parameters that tûninguûtsâ in the Field of this model.

 VAZ 2121 Niva

Main types of tuning Niva 2121

To completely change the look of the car is known, use the following elements for tuning his appearance:

 Main types of tuning Niva 2121

If we look at each listed item individually, it should be noted that the diversity of species allows us to give the car the character trait that You want.

For example, bull bars, or the front bumper of the amplifier may be represented in the form of a small metal grate that protects the car in case of accidents. And already more massive and impressive grille will not only perform protective functions but also become a real decoration of the Fields.

Install spare wheel is impossible without the bracket to which it is attached. And several different models of this device will allow various changes in the appearance of the SUV. The case will allow you to create a more colorful image – the opportunity it provides ample opportunities for lovers of crafts.

Protection of the catheter is not too noticeable, but it performs a great protective function in off-road conditions. And yet its setting allows you to add power to the appearance of the Fields. Also in the automobile there are several variants of this device, which will be a great addition to created the new look of Your friend.

 Tuning Niva

Additional methods of external tuning

Also popular are additional lights located on the roof of the car – mostly they are installed by the fishermen and hunters, and the different types of power kits greatly help in case of force majeure.

To install these additional elements are also required installation of fixtures, the form of which may vary, but not significantly.

The overall look of the car after his tonirovania acquires more solidity and power, does not remain indifferent to this domestic SUV.

About the operating experience of VAZ 2121 here. The videos about VAZ 2121 in this article.

 Additional methods of external tuning

The salon–tuning adds comfort

Being a car of the domestic auto industry, Niva 2121, as a consequence, its interior with the required level of comfort. It is for this reason improving the internal image of the car has also been undergoing significant change with tuning.

Tuning of the saloon Niva 2121 can be multi-dimensional and represents the following modifications and additions to the existing equipment in the car interior:

 The salon–tuning adds comfort

Improvement of "toppings" of the car

Tuning may relate to the internal content Fields. This primarily relates to the increase in engine power, which is possible with the following steps:

As can be seen, the use of the most accessible and popular methods of tuning will allow you to create a convenient, powerful and eye-catching SUV. The cost of all suspended devices are quite affordable and available.