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Tuning Toyota Tundra – for true connoisseurs of power

Toyota Tundra – this legendary Japanese car with American customs, which enjoys a great popularity among full-size pickups. The look of the car completely responds to its name. Tuning Toyota Tundra is able to emphasize that this is not only a great pickup, but is worthy of SUV of the brand Toyota, that includes a harmonious synthesis of American power and Japanese technology, which attracts to this car a multitude of shoppers as abroad and in the CIS countries.

 Tuning Toyota Tundra pickup truck makes a spectacular multi-function and auto

Toyota Tundra – it's a great car with huge power and good cross, but there is no limit to improvement. Every car owner makes the car, and Toyota Tundra — this is no exception. Consider the most common tuning Toyota Tundra 2014  year of manufacture.

My stunning interior Toyota Tundra and the produced effect

The interior of Toyota Tundra is characterized by its simplicity and elegance. Manufacturers are not aiming to create a car premium. The main task of the car's interior is the achievement of the optimal the ergonomics of the driver's seat and passengers, and with this task the carmaker coped completely.

 It is preferable to start the tuning of the saloon with a layer of isolation

The first thing that you need to pay attention when tuning the interior of Toyota Tundra – that vibration and noise insulation of the cabin. Also it is recommended to treat the lower area of the doors with a special coating of LINE-X.

 After the layer of vibration damping material attached

Replacement upholstery saloon car of Toyota Tundra is very popular because the regular version of the car has covers of low quality. Often opt for combined treatment options of leather interior, and Alcantara with the additional installation of heated seats.

 Replacement of standard upholstery make the interior visually appealing

Looks very impressive new dashboard. If you don't see the point in replacing the dashboard, you can replace it partially. For example, some set new directions. Others dabble with backlight to your taste.

 Tuning dashboard makes it more convenient to use

What is included in the tuning of the exterior of the Toyota Tundra?

By itself, the car looks very aggressive and powerful, but this is not the limit.

The tuning of the exterior of a car is recommended start with install disks with the elegant flight of arches from 1 to 2 inches that always puts your car.

 Install brand new player completes the look of the car after tuning

Next you can begin to replace the radiator of the lattice.

 The new grille will make your car unique

What the “beast” without the arc on the vehicle in addition equipped with first-class optics? This gives Tundra  more aggressiveness.

 Metal bow will make the truck more efficient

By the way, you can also install the cover on the car body! Khungi for pickups can be useful not only for transportation of any equipment in bad weather, but also provide space for specific things such as a motorcycle.

 Tuning the bed of a pickup truck is a platform for imagination

Car tuning can not do without the replacement of the original bumpers and power thresholds  American and domestic production.

 The kit car can come in handy when confronted with real off-road

Tuning exhaust system – this is a separate "theme" for this car, as the high ground clearance of the Toyota Tundra allows you to realize any idea of its owner.

 With a new optical system your car will be unique on all roads


When it comes to light optics tuning Toyota Tundra, many agree that this is a great way to give your car some uniqueness by replacing the front and rear optics, as well as the installation of additional optics on the roof or arch of the car. And what to say about the uniqueness, if it helps the owner better see the road at night.

Especially tuning the engine and transmission Toyota Tundra

Tuning Toyota Tundra  – a laborious process, but it is worth it. Thus, the engine can be additionally equipped with powerful compressor Toyota Racing Development, which allows to increase the engine power from 381 to 525 horsepower.

For fans of heavy duty vehicles in the 650 horsepower is installed separately reinforced transmission and gear box that will allow you to feel the full power of the car. It is also possible to install both mechanical automatic 6 speed gearbox.

In order to make it easier to make a choice about CPR, we offer you to familiarize with manual transmission crossovers and SUVs here. And about differences between vehicles with "automatic" you can read in this article.

So, Toyota Tundra – it's a great car for active people who love to travel, fish and hunt. This car is also a good tractor and truck, can be equipped with special platforms.