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Tuning UAZ 469

Tuning UAZ 469 – a good choice, allowing you to get a real jeep and technical characteristics and in appearance, which previously drivers have only dreamed of.

 An example of tuning UAZ 469

UAZ 469 tuning gets full. Most people have not even thought about that SUV in Soviet times, the ability to change, to reach modern standards. Professional mechanics and designers work hard to prove the opposite. As a result, now country roads often meet interested in cars, only slightly reminiscent of the old bulky workaholic.

 Tuning UAZ 469

Improve running performance

First of all, the experts chose to change handling characteristics. Yes, all-wheel drive gave the possibility to the driver, but there were still obstacles that could not be overcome. In addition, for the comfort of passengers was not the question, as always stiff suspension was a serious problem. For this reason, today, actively carried out work in several areas that warrant improvement in all indicators.

 The Oise Painting

 UAZ 469 with high permeability

It's safe to say that even experienced motorists did not expect such complex actions. Soviet jeep has gradually turned into a powerful machine, able to overcome various obstacles and even overtake rivals on the track. So should detail to assess ongoing work to ensure that they are appropriate. After all, it will require a decent investment.

Mount replacement

The easiest way to improve patency – it increased ground clearance and increased suspension. Due to this, the mechanics provide the opportunity of free overcome various obstacles, until crossing the river in shallow water. Such works do not take so much time, but provide interesting results. For this reason, experts often advise car owners to think seriously about this option.

 Tuning UAZ 469 under SUV

If necessary, the suspension is also softer. Yes, in this case, not everywhere on the terrain, the SUV gets, but passengers will not suffer from the widespread bumps. Because of this, the professionals choose long, high and soft suspension that help to comfortably Wade through the depths of the forest while hunting.

Many Russian SUVs, crossovers and pickups have good traffic and are popular among car owners. Another example is the field 2329 pickup that does not guarantee high speed, but will pass on the road and be able to overcome even very steep slopes. 

 UAZ 469 pickup

The increase in engine power

Another important action is to increase engine power. Such complex work should be handled by professionals. They conduct a thorough diagnosis and then carefully choose new original parts to adjust the compatibility of all systems. Perhaps that would work over the Soviet jeep still nobody spent.

 UAZ 469 with no roof

After completion of higher thrust, along with enhanced suspension provide extra capacity. Accordingly, we have to recognize that professionals are capable of much. Now the drivers are freely making their way through any thicket and at the same time carry passengers with cargo.

Changing the diameter of the disc

Another difficult step mechanics is to install large-diameter discs. They are excellent for a good suspension and powerful engine, increasing speed performance. Of course, the old "car" was never considered suitable for racing, but still refuse it not. After some changes, it really raises the threshold speed.

 Soviet jeep UAZ 469

May initially be dispersed on such a machine is scary, but with time people get used to it. They begin on the road to beat the competition and try to show their best sides. This was possible provided that the machine is perfectly suitable even 19 discs that ensure new developments.

Change fuel injection

If massive car continues to start too slowly, will require replacement of the fuel injection. Photo tuning UAZ 469 can be unsightly, but under the hood it will have the newest system. It will provide a starting speed, which I could not even dream drivers.

With proper adjustment and use of all computer resources you can gain a 100 km / h in 12 seconds. Compared to modern cars, this figure is low, but some owners have always believed that their domestic SUV can't even reach that speed mark. Because of this achievement mechanics are tremendous breakthrough.

Tuning the body of the old UAZ

Under the hood is sought many opportunities, and the body should be left the same? Not at all, even the simple act of painting becomes art when the body becomes bright and energetic, or, conversely, hunter hides in a thicket. Much more useful to look at the complex transformations that have ensured the attractiveness and benefit. What important points should be considered?

Let some drivers a little upset, but now more attractive than it is this tuning. With him long suffered professionals, but turned rough car into a masterpiece. And it does not have to invest much money or buy expensive items.

 Tuning UAZ 469 some car owners do their own


Tuning roof – unexpected move by the masters. They tried to approach the issue in the abstract, to surprise fans of the Soviet SUV. Because of this, now if you want you can find a couple of complicated options.

Making tuning UAZ with their hands, people often go to the most unpredictable steps. One such example is the folding roof, changing Soviet SUV beyond recognition. In the blink of an eye it turns into a chic cabriolet, which is evident in many of the photo tuning UAZ 469.

 Original tuning UAZ 469

Additional bodykit

Body Oise today often use the optional bodykit. As there are new bumpers, special lights, winches and more. All devices are impossible to list, so it is pointless to waste your time. This equipment does not affect driving performance, but provides convenience while traveling. Because of this he can not refuse.

 Installation of caterpillars on UAZ 469 for flotation

Probably experienced drivers have long thought about how to change your old car. Now military SUV is able to acquire numerous subtleties that will please every owner. It is best to familiarize with offers of specialists, to enjoy the unexpected results.