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UAZ Patriot 2015: technical characteristics of the new generation

UAZ Patriot is already enough times were subjected to modifications that improve the different indicators of this SUV. The last such revision Patriot was held in 2014, although the prefix to the name auto appears 2015. So consider specifications UAZ Patriot 2015, but first let's describe what features in the exterior and interior design inherent in the updated SUV.

Changes in exterior and interior

The car has several potamocorbula appearance. There's a new grille, making the appearance of several more fun. Completely replaced the headlights, changing them also, svetooborudovaniya, and adding led ’Godovikov». Replaced the front bumper, and with it the fog lights.

Convenience landing is now provided by steps, which are already in the database. The rear part of the car is also changed for the better.

During upgrades is not bypassed and the car interior. Redid the front panel under a more modern style. Changed and its equipment. Now you can order a car, supplied with modern multimedia navigation system with touchscreen display.

The seats were added adjustment that provides additional features to adjust seat "yourself". In General, we worked on the exterior and interior good.

 Headlights new UAZ Patriot

 Exterior design of UAZ Patriot 2015

 The interior UAZ Patriot 2015


And here are the technical specs UAZ Patriot 2015 has not changed. The updated SUV is equipped with technically identical to the previous model.

Buyers Patriot is offered with two powertrains, both – production ZMZ, 4-cylinder, terraced.

The first power plant operates on gasoline. The total volume of the combustion chambers of the cylinders of this engine is 2.7 liters. As system power this motor is the injector classified as Euro-4.

 The power unit UAZ Patriot 2015

The capacity of this unit – 128 HP, which is achieved in 4.6 thousand rpm. The maximum level of torque is achieved at 2.5 thousand rpm and is he 209,7 Nm.

The second motor, which is installed on the Patriot is a diesel with 2.2 liters of volume. This unit applies power system Common Rail system developed by Bosch. Its classification – too Euro-4.

Power diesel installation inferior gasoline engine. Develops diesel 113 HP at rpm 3.5 thousand But the torque is higher – 270 Nm, is achieved in the range of 1.8-2.8 thousand rpm.

 UAZ Patriot new generation

Transmission at Patriot one, and it is with both motors in the kit. Is the transmission of 5-speed manual transmission. Have a SUV and gear box with two speed transmission. The drive control handings – electric.

UAZ Patriot is equipped with a drive on both axes. With the constant drive has only the rear axle, the front is the same – plug, connection of the front axle is tough.

Of changes in the design of transmission the renewed Patriot may be noted that unless the new cardan shafts with maintenance-free design.

 The power plant of the new UAZ Patriot

Dynamic performance and speed indicators at UAZ Patriot is not particularly outstanding. Although the element of this SUV – off-road, so these indicators – not really important. All technical indicators below:

1) of 2.7 liters of gasoline

2) a 2.2 liter diesel

Update this SUV touched his suspension, but only in the rear. Front suspension remained the same – dependent, with the use of springs and stabilizer bar.

 Updated UAZ Patriot

The rear is also used conventional suspension, but it is already spring. The update has been installed in the design of the rear suspension stabilizer sustainability.