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Updated Ssang Yong Rexton 2013

Already a favorite to many Korean SUV production received the long-awaited update. Ssang Yong Rekston 2013 became a new stage of the company development on the world markets. Europe finally recognized the independence of the brand, while CIS countries have started to actively expect the car showrooms. The relatively low price and a multitude of technical innovations – this mixture is always attracted to our buyer. And if to consider, that such a cocktail arrived to us from China, the buyer just find. But this really low price and so many novelties will offer us new Korean SUV?

Update makeup ’ s beauty and the beast

Frankly, the old version is a large Korean SUV was not too remarkable in terms of design. It read some notes Mercedes class ML, but the notes of these were old and forgotten. Ascetic design for the Korean cars – the world does not like it. We expect it to be something bright, new, interesting. And finally, Koreans guess desires of the consumer. New sang Yong Rekston 2013 became very attractive in obslasti design, and its appearance has praised the whole world, actively joining large magazine articles in the most eminent representatives of the automotive press.

 Ssang Yong Rexton 2013

All novelties in design SUV impossible to list. This is exactly the case when it is easier to find common features, than to look for the differences. And yet the basic tools of successful exterior from the Koreans were the following factors:

This was not just a change of makeup, but rather plastic surgery. Skeptics immediately noticed the legacy rear optics, unmodified form of the rear window. But not all at once. Car grew and developed in a few years, so to criticize such a transformation is very carefully.

Interior decoration – the life of the driver

As you know, many people choose cars based on the beauty and functionality of the interior. The new SsangYong Rexton 2013, unlike his older brother, boasts a beautiful interior, a worthy magazine photo on a full turn.

The quality of the interior, colours, materials – all this gives a certain height in the car. No hint that you are in a relatively low-cost car, no cheap spare parts and hard materials. Everything looks very comfortable, interesting, compatible and functional.

 Ssangyong Rexton 2013 Luggage compartment

Each button and each switch are in place. Control unit all car concentrated around the multimedia system. Owners of top versions of the car to enjoy the soft perforated skin seat of the selected color. Beauty may be dark or light, and finishing options are numerous.

The interior cabin to lend credibility to the car. I want to switch gears, turn the steering wheel and click on the appropriate button to create a pleasant atmosphere in the car. Such a desire arises not every modern car.

Technical surprises from the Korean company

In technical terms, the new Rekston 2013 surprised not too much. Set engine, suspension, transmission – all that remained in the same set. But it's not so bad, because the car has proved its superiority over dozens of competitors in difficult travel on the roads of the CIS.

The manufacturer offers three engine choices:

For the basic version with a diesel engine offer mechanical five-speed gearbox. The rest of acquisition are simple machine T-Tronic, also with five levels.

Three types of full drive were also in action: manual and automatic connection 4WD and AWD – permanent four-wheel drive.

 Ssangyong Rexton 2013 top view

In the dimensions of the car is not too changed from the previous settings, but still got a little bit older. Remained the same clearance – 247 mm. Very decent indicator of clearance is complemented by a wide wheelbase 2835 mm and total length 4755 mm Almost 5-metre SUV good overcomes even the high hills and pits – road clearance is enough.

Quality and status of – what is the news?

In connection with such an interesting design and great interest in the car all over the world on Rekston 2013 the price is quite high. The top version that includes cruise control, maximum power, possibility to open separate glass tailgate, as well as small plus – ordering the seven-seater version of the car with additional air conditioning and complete comfort for rear passengers, will have to pay more than 1.5 million rubles. Of course, this money Koreans offer quite Executive car with perfect interior decoration, great functionality and beautiful additions to the standard design.

It should be said, that has improved significantly and basic features of the car. Now here there is a directional stability, enhanced safety of driver and passengers, there is a heated seats and music installation with reading all kinds of media. Of course, such changes could not but affect the cost. Now the basic version exceeded 1 million rubles. But it is still pleasant price offer in the segment.

 Ssangyong Rexton 2013 salon

Indeed, Rexton risen in price. But because the car entered a new stage of development, has become the beginning of a new era of work of the whole concern. The quality of the car remained at a high level. The manufacturer States that the quality was better, but causes quite a lot of arguments to the buyer believed in a high class car:

These arguments allow us to understand that Ssangyong Rekston 2013 was not worse than it was. Many factors have improved, and some novelties became a reality in the new car. Today and now the Koreans offer quite competitive car at a weighted price. Buyers him in our country there will be.