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VAZ 2121 - characteristics and operating experience

The history of model Niva 2121

In the mid 1970's to the designers Vase, AZLK and Izhmash has been tasked to create a terrain vehicle. The level of comfort he didn't have to give a car of mass production. The initiative came from the Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers. Designers Vase decided not to re-invent the wheel and used a lot of parts, details and beauty of the car VAZ-2106. In the end the new car design cars turned out to be not only recognizable, but was unified with existing vehicle, which greatly facilitated the production and further search for parts and repair.

 Lada Niva

The first pre-production models were released in 1974. Note that the first version of the Niva 2121 had a completely different look. It was a pretty ugly car traditional open type. The designers themselves, it was called "Alligator".

After a full-scale field trials, which included many kilometers mileage and evaluation not only on off-road qualities, but also for automobile testing program the machine went into a series. 1977 was important as it rolled out the first car, and it started a legendary series.


In 1994 the car was subjected to the first restyling – has been lowered, opening the back doors, and also has vertical lights. In 2006 we had to change the name of the car Lada 4x4, due to the fact that the designation of the field is moved to a new joint with Chevrolet models. The novelty was to replace the old, but because of the large difference in the price of the old model remained in the ranks. And in 2009, just a little tweaking turn signals.

Main features

Currently Lada 4x4 is available in three versions:

1. Three-door variant. Compact SUV, a sedan which was designed so that nothing prevented large angles of descent. The glass area of the body is rather big. The trunk has a low threshold, which is a significant advantage in handling a variety of cargo. The length of the car is very 3140 mm

 Three-Door Niva

2. The five-door variant differs only in the longer base 4240 mm, This version gives a full trunk with the availability of the second row seats.

 The Five-Door Niva

3. 4x4 Urban. This is an attempt to create a city car from a hardened three-door crossover SUV. In fact, the main difference only slightly modified grille, and more rounded bumpers, which are now integrated into the silhouette of the car. Overall, the car looks fresh.

 Lada 4x4 Urban

Beauty in the car is pretty Spartan, he has no modern electronics, airbags, air conditioners and other additional options. Here only the most necessary to overcome the terrain. The plastic inside is also not the best quality. In version 4x4 urban were added air conditioning and power Windows also changed a bit the lining of the ceiling and seats.

 Beauty Lada Urban

Since the car was designed in the distant 70 years, he only got the belts. And of course, as the full drive significantly increases resistance to ice or heavy rain. However, some equipment can additionally include anti-lock braking system.

The petrol engine here. This is line four displacement 1690 cm3 and a power of 83 HP at 5000 rpm. Fuel consumption is claimed by the manufacturer at 9.7 liters for a vehicle in three-door version and about to 10.1 litres for wagon.

 Niva 2121 - engine and security

Four-wheel drive vehicle is constant, and the transfer case can lock the center differential. Also there is a reduction gear.

The car is equipped with 5-speed manual gearbox.

the 3-door version of Lada 4x4 has only 3 set. The first two differ only black door handles and stand 394 395 500 and 000. But the third can boast of having the ABS and BAS.

Urban has only one set. ABS in this case is not included, but there is an additional soundproofing, power steering, electric Windows, air conditioning, and heated and electric mirrors. It is all 438 000.

 Lada 4x4 urban

In fact, picking just one is the standard version, which can be noted is that the power steering. Price 430 000.

Advantages and disadvantages, note owners

 Advantages and disadvantages Lada Niva