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Volkswagen Touareg: technical characteristics of the German SUV

Volkswagen produces quite an interesting SUV that boasts a rich trim, powerful and fuel-efficient engines, high traffic, as well as a comfortable interior. As a result, Volkswagen Touareg specifications were pretty interesting and quite able to bypass many of its competitors.

The history of the model

 Tuareg - the third SUV Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Touareg – this is the only modern SUV of the company and the third in its history. It is worth noting that the first two were manufactured for the army. Actually, the technical characteristics of the car Volkswagen Touareg first generation rather say that this is a full size crossover. However, thanks to integrated technologies torque distribution, air suspension and powerful engine, off-road car feels confident.

First Touareg was presented at the Paris motor show, which took place in 2002. 4 years after this was presented in the updated model, which has received a more modern appearance, the updated system of active protection, and was refined automatic transmission.

In 2010 came a new generation that has become more and a little lower. Also the car was equipped with a new engine family and CAT. In addition it is necessary to highlight the fact that this car was the first hybrid Volkswagen. With this generation of the car has got a reduction gear and locking center and rear differential, allowing the Touareg can be called a SUV.

 The Volkswagen Touareg is a hybrid

Technical characteristics of Volkswagen Touareg of 2012 is exactly the same as the previous model, except that in Russia came BlueMotion version. These engines are distinguished by low fuel consumption, which will by the way, because basically the car is used in town. You can also highlight and specifications, Volkswagen Touareg hybrid, which was the first such machine company.


 Touareg equipped with diesel engine series BlueMotion

Touareg can be equipped with the BlueMotion package, which increases efficiency and significantly reduces fuel consumption. Also this will contribute to the 8-speed gearbox and a new turbocharged diesel engine, which itself is quite economical. Thus, beside the most of competitors consumption of Volkswagen Touareg is quite small, especially considering its size. Also available variant with a petrol engine.

The company produces hybrid version, where powerful petrol engine and electric motor that together develop incredible traction and provide excellent dynamics at fairly modest fuel consumption. Available quiet start only at the expense of the motor. On the multimedia display you can always see the battery level and the activity of the hybrid system.

 Multimedia display shows battery charge of the electric motor and the hybrid system processes

With the latest technology specifications Volkswagen Touareg II has a rather interesting, namely more power and modest fuel consumption.

Additionally it should be noted and the most powerful engine, through which the technical characteristics of Volkswagen Touareg diesel stand out 360 horsepower. The car can accelerate to 100 km/h in just 5.8 seconds, which for a vehicle of this size is quite an impressive figure.

 The SUV accelerates fast enough

For offroad riding, the manufacturer has provided the 4MOTION system, which distributes traction between the axles and even individual wheels. Also available and the ability to lock the rear and center differential that allows to overcome the large drifts and pretty serious off-road. Also, the machine is equipped with a system that helps on steep climbs, so the Touareg easily overcome even the rise of 45 degrees.

 German Ranger easily overcomes even the most steep climbs

You can also note the presence of helpers. First, it is a camera that allows you to see what is behind your car. And to determine the safe distance. Second, is the system of the circular review, which will help not only in the city to close streets, but also on the roads. Then go system Parking assist, which alerts the distance in front and behind the closest objects. Another is to highlight the adaptive front lighting system, which will allow you to ride with high beams on and not to dazzle the drivers of oncoming cars.

The interior is also impressive, as it has leather and wood that adds a touch of elegance, and built-in functions only improve the comfort. For example, to open the trunk enough the simple motion of the foot, and the door lock opens just because you went to the car.

 The interior trim is leather and wood - look luxury

You can also select system and 4 zone climate control which will allow you to adjust the intensity of the airflow and even temperature individually for each passenger.

Returning to everything listed above, it can be noted that the technical characteristics of Volkswagen Touareg of 2012 is quite interesting and stands out from many competitors. This is due to the huge number of embedded systems and assistants, a variety of economical and powerful engines, as well as the functions associated with these SUV's, even cars and looks purely business and urban machine.

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 Car looks like a city, and is able to overcome the present impassability

Technical characteristics and price VW Taureg are determined by different trim levels, namely, engine and transmission, available all-wheel drive, auxiliary systems Parking, climate control and so on. The machine has a large number of possible options of the equipment, so that each customer can choose the optimal configuration for your needs and budget.