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Volvo XC70 - station wagon-terrain

A bit of history

Volvo XC70 2014 model year based on the station wagon V70 Cross Country, which became known in 1993 under the name Volvo 855. A brief history of the car Volvo XC70 includes both the change in design auto (facelift), and the change in the design and host portion (restyling).

 Volvo 855

Volvo 855 after facelift became known as the V70. Volvo V70 Cross Country in the beginning was listed one of the versions of the wagon. It differs from the basic model was a little Gruzovaya bumpers, floor plastic bottom of doors and thresholds, increased ground clearance, explanatory account Cross Country on glass rear doors and a brand badge on the hood and trunk, V70 XC. 

 Volvo V70 Cross Country

V70 were equipped with various power five-cylinder in-line engines of from 2.0 to 2.5 liters of Line V70 XC for the most part was armed with a "machine" and 190-horsepower gasoline 2.4-liter turbo engine with torque - 270 N•m Some part of the car was issued with a five-cylinder diesel engine (140 HP, 2.5 HP) and "mechanics". The use of four-wheel drive was assigned to the gearbox with viscous coupling in the rear drive. 

 Volvo V70

The second generation of V70 station wagons, started to be issued in 1999, was also aimed at high throughput. Three years produced the SUV was called V70 XC (like Cross Country the previous generation). From 2002 to 2003 crossover had the name Volvo XC. a Year later the firm in the model designation Volvo XC considered it appropriate again insert figure 70 - Volvo XC70.

The Volvo XC70 crossovers of this generation also received:

 Volvo XC70 2002

The most notable among these options was a car 2005 Volvo XC70 AT Concept. Almost half-meter ground clearance - 410 mm, radial tires, tubeless BFGoodrich ALL TERRAIN T/A KO with dimensions 285*50*R20 and impressive 408 horsepower, squeezed from the five-cylinder turbocharged 2.5-liter engine. The car was tested on the roads of Nevada.

 Volvo XC70 AT Concept

Standard motor installed before 2003 on production vehicles XC70 2nd generation, preserved again in-line five-cylinder 2.4-liter (197 HP). More powerful (208 HP, 2.5-liter, 285 H•m) turbo - since 2003. Together with these engines since 2002 model began to put very economical 163-horsepower engine tegometall 340 N•m

The third generation starts with a compact crossover Volvo XC70, built on the platform of the Ford EUCD and on display at the beginning of 2007 in Geneva. Here ends the story of the previous generation XC70, produced marked Cross Country.

 Volvo XC70 2004

Main features

The design of the Volvo XC70, basically, has not changed and is no different from the V70 wagon. Small differences appeared due to more powerful bumpers and protection - kit around the perimeter of the body of the uncovered paint plastic.

The salon has a number of positive solutions:

 Beauty Volvo XC70

Specifications engine Volvo XC70 2014 available for the Russian car owners, is well known. 

Both of the last motor equipped with 6-speed automatic transmission.

 Volvo XC70 2014

At the time the model was released in 2007 and to this day multidisciplinary Volvo has released nine basic configurations. The price of cars ranging from 2 073 750 to 2 890 000. Each design says about the achievements of the group in the areas of communication, safety and ecology. 

 Volvo XC70

In Russia, the delivery vehicle is in the basic version: Kinetic, Momentum and Summum. When buying a car in the agreement with the standard options written options: code, name, price. 

Volvo in very basic Kinetic diesel 2-liter engine is 1 469 000.

 Volvo XC70 rear view